CarSmart Dip & Wash Brush

December 19, 2016 Simon Lai

Not all vehicle cleaning applications can be handled with just a sponge. Often, especially with vehicles like trucks, utes, caravans and 4x4s, a regular car wash sponge just won’t get to the places you need […]

Demon Clean Active Super Cleaner

October 12, 2016 Joel Helmes

I think of all the many and varied car care and cleaning products that I have used; this week’s Product of the Week would have to be one of my favourites. There aren’t many products […]

Altrex Number Plate Protectors

September 2, 2016 Kate Richards

Your car just isn’t finished until you get a set of Altrex Number Plate Protectors onto it! Altrex has been the leader in number plate protectors for years now and there’s some really good reasons […]

CarPlan Demon Foam

August 26, 2016 Kate Richards

There’s an oil brand out there that uses the phrase “oils ain’t oils” and we reckon we should borrow this, in part, and say “Car Wash Ain’t Car Wash”. Some people might think that any […]

Triplewax Fabric Cleaner

August 20, 2016 Kate Richards

Spring is just about here and that means its time to do some spring cleaning! Your car should be on the top of the list for a spruce-up in the lead-up to summer and don’t […]

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