Fun second car options

August 13, 2015 Joel Helmes

Behind the Wheel reader Dinah wants some advice on fun second cars. Dear Behind the Wheel team, We have the Toyota Kluger and a Toyota HiLux but hubby and I are looking for a weekend […]

Should we buy a Nissan JUKE?

August 6, 2015 Joel Helmes

Behind the Wheel listener Gareth wants some advice on the Nissan JUKE. Hey guys, the wife and I are looking at a Nissan JUKE as a second car, what do you think? We are looking […]

Honda Civic Hatch brake issues

August 4, 2015 Joel Helmes

Cynthia reports troubles with the brakes on her Honda Civic hatch. We got a comment in from our reader Cynthia who is having some issues with the brakes on her Honda Civic Hatch wearing out […]

Advice for drivers and motorcyclists

March 4, 2015 Simon Lai

A look at how drivers and motorcyclists can better share the roads. As drivers, we probably all have an opinion about motorcyclists, some good and some not so good. Those opinions are most likely formed from […]

Best Cars for Seniors

March 3, 2014 Joel Helmes

Our guide for the best cars for senior drivers. The over 65 car buyer market is huge, but are car designers considering our senior drivers? Well no, I don’t think they really are. When sitting […]

Best Cars under $20,000

February 6, 2014 Joel Helmes

Joel Helmes looks at the best cars that will give you change from twenty grand. With 56 different new car brands vying for your business it can be a little hard finding the car that’s […]

What’s in a name?

January 22, 2014 Joel Helmes

One in five car owners gives their car a nickname. A US study has found about 20% of car owners give their cars a name and those that do often choose a name starting with […]

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