Nissan Navara – Steel to Wheels

March 28, 2017 Kate Richards

A look behind the scenes at the production of the Nissan Navara… Produced by Nissan, the release of the video correlates with a pretty significant overhaul of the Nissan Navara, including the dropping of the […]

Rolls-Royce History – Documentary

March 28, 2017 Simon Lai

A look at the formation of the famous Rolls-Royce brand… Rolls-Royce remains the byword for ultra-luxury motoring and the famous British brand has enjoyed good fortunes themselves in recent years. Sure, most of us are […]

The Invention of the Ford V8 Engine

March 26, 2017 Simon Lai

Documentary looks at the development of the legendary Ford V8… More than 80 years after a Ford V8 was first dropped into a car the manufacturer is still offering V8-powered models to buyers across the […]

Datsun 280ZX U.S. TV Commercials

March 23, 2017 Simon Lai

How Datsun tried to attract buyers to the 280ZX… The jury is still out on the Datsun 280ZX. Some say it was fat, bloated and under-powered, a pale imitation of the classic 240Z. But yet […]

How to Change a Flat Tyre

March 22, 2017 Simon Lai

A simple video that helps you know how to do a wheel/tyre change… In 2017 there’s a whole lot of motorists that wouldn’t have a clue how to change a flat tyre. Sure, you can […]

Automobiles – Honda Documentary

March 21, 2017 Simon Lai

A look back at the formation of the Honda Motor Company… There aren’t many people who don’t like Honda cars, or their motorcycles, generators, etc. Honda cars, after a bit of a dull period, seem […]

The History of Subaru

March 20, 2017 Simon Lai

A short video that looks at the Subaru backstory… Australian’s love Subaru cars and the Japanese car manufacturer continues to find a growing number of buyers across the globe. With a strong pedigree on the […]

‘Hey Charger’ TV Commercials

March 18, 2017 Simon Lai

A look back at those famous Valiant Charger ads from the 70’s… Hey Charger! It’s one of the most famous Australian TV advertising campaigns ever. In fact, in some ways the ads are now better […]

1995 Ford Fairlane TV Commercial

March 17, 2017 Simon Lai

A memorable ad for the gone but not forgotten Fairlane… Remember when Ford didn’t have too much trouble selling the Falcon? Sure, the Commodore was usually slightly ahead, but the big Ford was always in […]

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