Car bow manufacturer says business is booming

Giving a car as a gift? You need the finishing touch…

Car bow manufacturer says business is booming

The boss of a family-owned business that manufactures giant car bows says demand for the product is continuing to rise.

If you’re giving someone the gift of car, then you want to make sure that you go all the way and put that finishing touch on top – for the full effect.

Car Bow Store tell us they sell more than 25,000 giant bows each year, and company president Michael Rudolph says the trend of dressing up large gifts, especially cars, is on the rise.

“Yes, people really do give cars with a bow on top.”

“We have had customers tell us that the recipients are more excited about the bow than the car itself! The car bow is the finishing touch that shows how much you care.”

While Michael says peak demand for giant car bows comes in the lead up to Christmas, and at graduation time.

“We never thought that Car Bows could be a business,” Michael says.

“We started with one product, which has now developed into a substantial manufacturing business with many different colors and styles of bows.”

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