Behind the Wheel Podcast 460

behind the wheel car podcast 460

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Some good news from the Queensland Government this week about electric car charging infrastructure – Behyad Jaffari, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia, joins us with details.

Blake Vincent from Mercedes-Benz Vans has final details on the eagerly anticipated X-Class Ute – we’ll try and find out when they’ll arrive and how much they’ll cost.

Pete and Chris have been driving the BMW 530i. It’s the same price as the 530e iPerformance they talked about a couple of weeks ago – question is – which one is the best? We’ll find out.

Joel Helmes has been a busy boy – as we heard last week, he’s been in Darwin with HAVAL – this week we’ll find out what their newest SUV, the H7 is really like.

Rachel Franco is back with more madness again this week talking special edition cars – who could forget the Holden Commodore Vacationer Wagon or the Sportsgirl Barina? The guys come up with a few suggestions for 2017.

As always, the top trending news stories from are featured – you’ll hear about the new Rolls-Royce Phantom, electric Maserati‘s and the first cheap, mass market Tesla.

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Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0460 Transcript:

[00:00:00] Buckle up ladies and gentlemen. Here we go it’s another. Week of motoring. [5.0]

[00:00:05] Looking the part I’ve got to say. One of the times I saw you driving around in a BMW M140i performance addition. Oh lovely car that is still you were trying to get my head around how this works now. I got sent to the head office on Monday. I read the car up and then she said look I’m going to take this. I’ll just have it for a day or two and then you can you can keep the base model Honda to catch up with you again on Wednesday. [29.2]

[00:00:35] Sorry. And then it seemed for Sunday night. I know and I’m very sorry about that. It is time for me to take it back. Please go ahead. Sorry but it’s a lovely car. I’ll tell you what it was good and I know that on your drive towton probably m.w. you actually read it as well. You know we put together a bit of a video I got to sit in the back seat for that. I don’t even get to be in the video is behind the camera or your hand. However I had no idea why I was here. I kind of tried to heckle from the background but it was good. That’s good fun. Nice fabulous little cartin. So look behind the wheel. Check that out. Love to hear your thoughts on petitjean is driving a car. He took it around the back roads and looked. I looked at it. What are your hands doing there not in quarter to three position. They’re more like. And to think it did a pretty good job then I kept thinking what about my lines through the corners here. [49.9]

[00:01:25] You’re lucky to be on a country where there was no line. Exactly. And I didn’t know this because all I was doing was holding the camera in one hand and holding onto the grab handle on roof. [7.7]

[00:01:34] If there’s anybody you’ve ever driven with friends now here’s the thing. I’ll give you the tip if ever you get to drive with Chris melhor you expect if you’re doing the driving you expect him to be pounding the floor. [11.3]

[00:01:46] But there a better very brake pedal the one in the back seat. Let me tell you that that didn’t stop you. It was a tricky little eschatological leg which gets your head for a corner. Oh wait. Break it up. Well you can see how restrained I was at the video right now. We’ll [21.8]

[00:02:08] talk more about the 140 I next week because this week we need to cover off the five series. We drove the five thirty three followed by the five thirty I were going to compare the two and you have to make a decision as to which one would buy well do that in a couple of minutes. But just want to let you know about some great things we’ve got coming up on the show this week. In fact the Queensland Government finally world leaders in something. Who would have thought hey hey hey editorialising Here is some amazing infrastructure announcements to do with electric cars and when we get all the information from Becky jafari he’s the CEO of the electrical vehicle Council of Australia. Sounds like he’s pretty excited. I can’t wait to hear from him. [38.7]

[00:02:47] Absolutely. Now Blake Vincent from Mercedes Benz will be joining us. Final details of the eagerly anticipated X class yute we’ve been hearing so much about this. It’s been everywhere in the media yet we haven’t quite actually seen one yet. Nor have we found out how much it’s going to cost. So will we have that word on him. We shall indeed. [19.5]

[00:03:07] Now Joel Helms he’s been up in Darwin with the. Have you guys. He’s also emailed me a while. Well I it does decide for yourself later in the show. But it’s called a safety wrap. It’s a video and song commissioned by the National Highway Authority in America. I know what they were thinking. But as I’m not going to make any more comments about it we will talk about it in this way. [21.4]

[00:03:28] Friends Chris doesn’t think it’s particularly hip or cool. [2.9]

[00:03:32] If I can I just leave it at that. OK. [1.6]

[00:03:35] Rachel’s going to join us too. She was talking to me during the week about some special edition cards from years ago. It got me thinking about what might work in 2017. So we’ll find out when the new version of the Holden Commodore vacation away would be here in this day and age. [15.9]

[00:03:52] I’m behind the wheel on. We’ll tell you. [4.7]

[00:03:59] The very first Tesla Model 3 is being delivered to the first customer in the US. Tesla’s first cheap car has received rave reviews on its release. [8.8]

[00:04:09] Now prices start at 35000 dollars in the US and it offers genuine performance. Get this note to 100 peten 5.1 seconds with a range of nearly 400 kilometres. [10.8]

[00:04:20] Australian deliveries aren’t expected till 2019 and at this stage the price is expected to be around 50000. [6.1]

[00:04:26] A car that will be a lot more I’m sure. The new rolls-royce Phantom just been released and is going to boast a completely new six point seventy five litre twin turbo V12 with 420 kilowatts and 900 nude meters. [13.5]

[00:04:39] The Rolls Royce has also focussed on making the new Phantom even quieter including adding a mammoth 130 kilograms of sound insulation how to further boost the famous rolls-royce right. [11.2]

[00:04:51] The new fandom gets a camera system that scans the road ahead and adjusts the suspension proactively to best meet the conditions expect a price tag starting north of 800000 dollars when the new Phantom arrives in Australia later this year. In just two years. You will be able to go and buy yourself a Maserati model with an electric power train. [19.5]

[00:05:10] Yes all new Maserati models from 2019 will be electrified including all electric models. [5.5]

[00:05:16] Now one of the developments of course forcing the issue is the recent announcement by both England and France that they would ban diesel and petrol powered cars by 2040 rivals. [9.1]

[00:05:25] BMW for instance confirming they’re moving quickly towards having some form of electrocution on offer in each of the new BMW and mini models. [8.2]

[00:05:34] Now disappointing for ldv in Australia with Chinese brands G 20 commercial van and people mover gaining only a three star and cap safety rating the ldv g10 delivered a below par level of structural safety and safety specifications. [14.4]

[00:05:48] Now both vehicles were headed bad scores for the frontal offset test although it didn’t do too bad in the side impact test. However it also lost points for having just one seat belt reminder while and kept didn’t complete a poll test nor rate either offering for whiplash protection or pedestrian protection. Our mate and cap CEO James Goodwin says the result is disappointing. You don’t buy a Porsche unless you really want one that’s been reflected once again in the latest JD Powers study into emotional attachment and level of excitement provided by a new purchase. [30.6]

[00:06:19] Well it’s known officially as a 2017 US automotive performance execution and layout study and the results are based on real feedback from 70000 US car buyers all of which made their new car purchase this year on top for a record 13 straight year was Porsche. [15.4]

[00:06:35] The Hyundai owned luxury brand Genesis finished just behind ahead of BMW Audi and mercedes-benz. [6.0]

[00:06:48] You mention a few just short of news if you want to kind of keep up to date with the motoring world and can’t wait till For example next week’s edition of behind the wheel go to the website it’s there. As soon as the stories arrive they get posted behind the wheel dot com. You know I just wanted to touch on the BMW 5 series. We of course talked at length a couple of weeks ago about the plug in hybrid electric 530. A great car that you can plug into the wall overnight jump up in the morning and you’ve got 40 or 50 k’s of pure electric driving alone if you want to go fast it combines the electric motor with the four cylinder turbo to kind of I suppose do what Formula 1 cars of today do making it go quite fast. Look it’s a bit heavier than the conventional five thirty I was an extra couple 100 kilos and after a week with the five I’ve realized it’s not as sharp a performer. It’s got much better green credentials. I suppose you could say that’s the model model but the biofuels I which we spent a week in I must say I came away from it going. It’s a hard call to pick which one. Yeah I know I know after the time in the 530 I was carrying on going why would you buy the 535. But after spending time with the guy now I actually think I’d buy the fight for me. [1:12.2]

[00:08:02] I must say I loved them both. These cars are just amazing. I owned a 28 BMW back in the 70s. I wanted to go one of the early ones. This is an entirely different car as you would expect. But really you just was looking at them thinking how far they come. They’re so luxurious now they’re bigger. They ride brilliantly. They handled very well the one I have actually all those years ago wasn’t wasn’t all that can’t quite as well as Certainly not as they do now. However I think after driving them both and falling in love with the five thirty I should point out they’re both exactly the same price. So it’s a it’s purely just a choice here it’s not not a cost thing. I think I would probably go back to the. Simply because if you charge it up every night you get just about all the driving you need the next day without the engine switching on. So it’s all pretty much electric. And I think that’s probably what I would do. You have to get into the habit of charging up at night. But you can do that with your mobile phone and the iPad and the MacBook Pro and things so why not your car. So I think I’d probably do that just handles beautifully have a little bit less room in the boot because of the batteries shop things but you don’t have to charge it. [1:17.1]

[00:09:19] That’s one thing I suppose we should point out because of course it’s got the petrol motor and it will continue to drive as a normal car exactly without the battery charge. Yes. I look I know you say there’s so much to love about the 538. But after driving at five thirty I was wonderful wasn’t that great merited spirited 185 kilowatts 420 Newton meters. And you know what. I’ve got a behind the wheel fuel card so I don’t care that it cost me a bit. [24.0]

[00:09:44] It took the picture let it. Well now the BMW claims combined fuel consumption for the 530. That’s just the internal combustion engine is five point eight leaders per 100 kilometres. Don’t think we kreitman that I was in the sixes. Yes correct. Yeah. And for the 530. It is two point three litres per 100 kilometres. Assuming that’s a combined sort of ranges showing that you do some petrol motoring you get pretty good. [26.9]

[00:10:11] Look it’s a tough call I suppose you need to figure out what your priorities are. I think though the safe bet is if you want a beautiful luxury executive saloon you’ll be hard pressed to find one that’s better looking one that’s quieter or more refined and one that handles as well as either the BMW 530 or the BMW 530. Time for a quick break. We’re going to talk electric cars with the head of the electric vehicle Council next. Be up behind the wheel. [25.0]

[00:10:37] It certainly started with a bang today. We’ve got lots to get through of course. We want to hear from Joel. He’s been spending some time with the guys the guys up in Darwin. Rachel Francos along as we mentioned at the top of the show. And of course we’re talking special ed. cars we talk about the Holden Commodore vacationer wagon. Who could forget that. I remember them particularly in the VH guys. You know they had an ice cream and beige kind of New York area. And I really like the decals they were they were they went. They must have cost at least a dollar 50 each. They looked so easily. [32.9]

[00:11:10] And who could forget the Reebok pulsar because recent polls go in with free shoes and Reebok are still trying to figure out what that was all about their denim upholstery was just glorious. [10.9]

[00:11:22] Now as we heard in the news Ellen maskers handed over the first of the model threes the first of the cheap mass market electric cars we’re going to see an onslaught of them over the next few years. We’ve got of course already fully electric vehicles from the likes of BMW Nissan and Mitsubishi. But Audi set to join the fray along with a Volkswagen Mercedes Benz they’re all coming to the party. But I suppose the problem is what do we charge for. Fairly limited numbers of charging stations out here in this country and whilst tesla’s been good with their Supercharger network and Westfield are kind of in on the party a bit. Still I don’t think quite enough. However through the week we’ve heard a huge announcement and to tell us about that announcement. With that we go straight to the top. Why not go to the head of the electrical vehicle Council of Australia and its backyard jaffery. A very warm welcome to behind the wheel back yard. [48.6]

[00:12:11] Great pleasure. Now this sounds like a big investment by the Queensland Government in their very extensive charging infrastructure covering about 3000 KS have I got it right there. [10.4]

[00:12:22] Yeah. This goes back quickly. How the problem with being right up here and like you mentioned it is the story of where do we take the cars. Ideally at the time in our workplaces we have a big beautiful country. People should be getting out and doing different regional towns saying things like the Great Barrier Reef now means that they’re really sick. And by setting up and enjoy the site how long is it going to take them to install this. Yes that’s a good question around there rollout. I there. Most of the way through in terms of everything that’s not for us to do if we are doing things like planning regulation all of those things that government does a pretty good job of moving through those things that those really are not the. And I expect in the next year or so we’ll have taken up a couple of them are of course already running one in Cairns is operational ready. So they were in charge there. Some good early news. [51.5]

[00:13:14] The budget is in place to build these things. It’s not just sort of pie in the sky or you know a thought bubble or an election promise or something it is a utopia show. [9.3]

[00:13:23] No that’s right yes. The money is spent. The units are bought. They are being rolled out. The good news stories there are that government being able to work with industry and with local councils with communities they’ve been able to keep this relatively low. The entire project is something around 3 million dollars appointing a range of different Australian businesses are charging those prettying in the bay that appear some of the people actually building and charging the things that get charged for members of our Australian company making the investment and building that issue for even a year in Australia which sounds terrific. [32.3]

[00:13:56] What about the other states are they are they likely to follow suit or maybe even the federal government. Do you think with. I don’t know subsidies or some kind of infrastructure support Yeah that’s a good question. [11.5]

[00:14:07] We’re already working with state but news about Australia that are pretty close to being able to make similar type of announcements about what they’re doing what electric rate. But that’s a very important point. The federal government plays a very important role here. What we do see that with any new technology particularly something like electric vehicles it does require government support at the outset. It’s not you know not a long term handout to an industry it’s just that a push to help get the ball rolling. This is what every other country that has a lot of people in the federal government needs to do that by doing some small things. But given that research is still there for people make it a little bit more affordable in those initial years they can roll those things back because the market is up. [43.8]

[00:14:51] So despite all the optimism and the enjoyment of driving an electric car which is considerable once you get through that the driving range anxiety phase doesn’t seem to be a huge take up of these cars in Australia is that going to change. [14.9]

[00:15:06] You we have fallen behind the rest of the world so we’re now six years behind and we have 2 million electric cars on the road around the world. Another one million going up this year in Australia we have done that 2000. It’s pretty neat let me say because it is a new technology it does require a little bit of a lot of other countries have already had. They took their leadership positions and started building it out early but it’s not too late for Australia to catch up. It’s very important because you need to act early because when a new industry is being built there are opportunities for new jobs new businesses and people who get cut up consumers and belly button. The brand is getting longer and the more you drive or the basic The more you pay the bill the energy as opposed eventually so much cheaper. [45.4]

[00:15:53] Those who are opponents of electric cars or sceptical about them will say well it takes a lot of energy to create the batteries and the rare minerals involved and it’s not a it’s not a squeaky clean process. How does an electric vehicle shape up against an internal combustion one. [15.9]

[00:16:09] Sure. That incredibly better. Yes it does take some digging to start from them to help build the electric vehicle. The important thing is once you get them on road they start reducing the amount of emissions that are being created by other cars. So electric vehicle power renewable energy great own power pipe emissions zero carbon emissions. And that extra amount of energy and the extra amount is losing that they create and they create and then turned around by the fact that they’re on the road. They must be in a much healthier and very important point in that broader conversation we can have about our need to reduce carbon emissions in climate change you know. But when we’re talking about this explosion that coming out at the roadside right where we all walk in clay. So this is going just up to the experience. And it’s about love as well. And that was a big reason why a lot of families wouldn’t have taken action because people you know people are suffering they’re more healthy and people automatically end up dying of more pollution with their condition. [1:02.8]

[00:17:12] So the internal combustion engine I think is going to be outlawed in Britain and France maybe elsewhere within the next couple of decades. [8.5]

[00:17:21] Is is that overstating it and is it likely to happen here that we’ve already seen Britain and France recently and there was a lot of attention given the fact that they’ll be doing it all and they look at 2014 before that country back in New in China. They have been but 2030 2050 to go either or electric with zero emissions vehicles. And then by automotive companies as well. Politicians say this is the way the market’s moving we’re going to get out of the petrol game. But Volvo or 2040 will. So to speak to the fact that the car sells and the technology is getting cheaper and more efficient. People are saying the benefits both of those and the fact that they are cheaper to run they’re healthier to run. And the question is really it’s not why should we be excited about this with people. Why should we now. You know if we don’t need to run our cars based on petrol What do we continue continue to do that we’re importing petrol and oil from parts of the world that are always the most secure. Once we we find them and get them into are they causing a lot of pollution. The price spikes around here more expensive than it is to be paid to be in at the same time. Everything is getting greener and getting cheaper as well. [1:12.9]

[00:18:34] I suppose the other thing is too electric cars are sensational to drive in fact find production car in the world is an electric car. [6.3]

[00:18:40] My question though backyard is in back to the the infrastructure that queensland’s rolled out. Now I know this is I think the second biggest project that’s been attempted anywhere in the world three thousand or three and a half dozen kilometres of of charging network. The problem at the moment is though the same charge doesn’t fit the electric BMW i3 as fits in the Tesla Model S is it going to matter what sort of electric car you drive you’re going to have the pins and the infrastructure in there to charge any electric vehicle on this new roadway. [27.2]

[00:19:08] Yes very good point and it’s one that the industry themselves recognized and they started rallying around what they call a full type for Australia. And most manufacturers now committed it by January 14 saying all the cuts that we released will be a lot better than it because previously we were getting bit better. The cars that were being produced and the rest of the world where it ended up with four different people made it very confusing for people to know what to do. But it’s an obstacle that nobody wants consumers that’s that the motorists have to pay. So it’s one that that will be solved by the benefactor is an infrastructure that comes out is now being built to that fact as well. If not then this is where we’re going moving forward. [40.0]

[00:19:48] I’ve heard experts along the way in past years saying well we’re going to have a mix of cars we are going to have hybrid vehicles electric vehicles hydrogen cell. Where does hydrogen cell potentially fit into this in the future given that it sounds like the infrastructure for that technology is going to be immense. [17.8]

[00:20:06] Yeah absolutely. I mean I didn’t find a lot of that in a role in energy storage. You know every culture a lot of different industries then as well as what it can do in transport as well because that discovery can be done in terms of the technology with the rest. It goes in but you can power like much more interesting I think for a lot of people heavier than it is trying to hide things as well. That one is a bit more of an evolving process where we’re more usually excited is the fact that electric vehicles are everywhere on the road around the world but we have nowhere here in Australia. So it’s a bit of catching up to do and then the that we look at whether officially from there where can we lead the country as well. Yeah. [41.9]

[00:20:49] Now before we let you go back yard of course you are the head of the electric vehicle Council of Australia so that would mean you would drive what is six point two litre supercharged a common market. [11.6]

[00:21:01] Every chance I get my love of cars is very broad and my career is a very very poor definite McCain. But those things did not last very long. But I’ve been fortunate to get that broad range of opinion. Lest you go mad and say how they do person enough that our members make friends with them. [21.5]

[00:21:22] I’m lucky man. So it really is a great experience. Well listen if you have not driven an electric car I know what makes it Tesser are really quite keen to get people behind the wheel. I’ve got no intention of buying one but just for the experience because it is like nothing else is not to immense power and that that eerie silence. It’s just it really is. It’s a great thing to experience. [19.3]

[00:21:42] Yes I think one of the biggest advocates that we get are people who have. Whoever drive it is doing well but be mystified about it and you see that outlook that is more powerful than a regular guy and it’s solid. He doesn’t need a vibrator. [16.0]

[00:21:59] It is a beautiful 24 hour Jeffrey head of the electric vehicle Council of Australia. Great of you to spend some time on behind the wheel tonight. Thanks move on. [8.5]

[00:22:08] We’ve been on the electric superhighway that goes back I believe it just as the sun goes from Brisbane to cancer and a half thousand kilometres of electrical infrastructure. It’s quite a long way. I’ve done that drive many many many years ago and it’s not the quickest it’s not at all but at least you can do it in an electric car if you’ve got one. And I must say it’s it’s really odd to say that the Queensland Government are leaders in anything but in this instance they actually are. He’s doing the politics friends he have just stayed out of it. I think it’s time to turn our attention towards you and fancy foods that UT’s with his added Ben’s value on them. [34.0]

[00:22:42] Of course released on a couple of weeks ago that Mercedes Benz will make a uit is going to be called the X class. And to find out a little more about it from Mercedes Benz Australia it’s a big welcome back to behind the wheel. Blake Vincent go like a young man. I’m good guys. How are you. [12.8]

[00:22:55] Very well thanks Blake. Now when can we expect to see this eagerly anticipated car. We’ve had teaser stories about it in the media. We ran a teaser a story in our 9 News a fairly recently about this car. Everyone wants to find out more about it. So when we see it. Oh it also if you could tell us how much it costs. That would be great. [17.0]

[00:23:13] Yes I know it’s been a we’ve been a big build up so everyone is excited to finally get a vehicle here. [5.0]

[00:23:19] The launch will be in April 2018 April next year will launch with our two forces on engine variance and then from the middle middle of next year we’ll introduce our our range leading the 6 3 6 engine. [14.4]

[00:23:34] And any idea what it’s going to cost us on price. [2.4]

[00:23:36] Well no well look we have to say something for us to try. [5.5]

[00:23:42] But yes that’s right. [0.6]

[00:23:43] Yeah. So it’s it’s a Mercedes as I understand it it was developed in conjunction with Nissan in a kind of partnership arrangement there. So will it be a navarra in disguise. [9.7]

[00:23:53] No no it won’t be. It’s looking to meet the very strict requirements of a genuine Benz that you’d expect so it’s speeches. You know I completely you know having just seen a vehicle in South Africa up close it features a completely discreet exterior and in particular interior design can really tell a real high grade materials that have been used. They were incredibly quiet. It’s got a maximum level insulation inside them and that is exactly the same. That is really an exemplary exemplary safety features that have been used across all all of the variants as well. So yeah look we we’ve developed in design numerous components completely from scratch. We’ve used a lot of our other portfolios that are modular systems across this line up as well. So it’s definitely a genuine size vehicle. [51.4]

[00:24:45] Now of course it’s a UT’s So it’s going to be on a carry stuff and tow things you would imagine you’ll be able to pull three and a half ton carrier tunnel on the back. [7.6]

[00:24:54] Yeah. Correct. Yes. So we’ll have three and a half ton selling capacity across all our our four by four variants will also offer some or buy to various have 3200 kilograms and towing capacity. And we’ve got a 10 percent down by the way album as well. So we will make sure we’re able to you know yeah absolutely capably tow all the different clients that are out there in the market. And it’s got a very large large tub in the back as well. So you know with the strong payload up to just over sort of one time. So it’s yeah it definitely ticks all those boxes as well where we’re offering three different variants across the line up. So there’s a what we call pure progressive in power great so the pure grade basic variant is more for you. I guess the classic sort of robust more work or huge aggressive grade has to be higher because you have a quality feel and then there’s a power line which in the high end variance more so a lot of focus though. Yeah we’d really position this product to dance to all the market. [57.9]

[00:25:52] We’ve had a few workshops on the show over the years and it seems the biggest industry at the moment is to pop a chip in to you know some of the existing jewel cab UT’s you know pimpin out and get them powered up and out threat away from overseas international media put a mock up of an X class with an M G badge on it. Sixty three. Do you reckon there’s any chance we’ll ever see an X class AMG 63 because that I reckon would be mental. [25.1]

[00:26:17] Yeah I didn’t say that actually. [1.4]

[00:26:20] Oh look it’s at this stage there’s no plans for an AMG line in next class. [4.9]

[00:26:25] However it’s something that we will definitely sort of monitor in the market so we really want to see how this vehicle’s accepted in the marketplace. As you know for the initial introduction and sort of the first time it lost his vehicle and to market and if there’s a really strong need and sort of feedback from the market that I am jeezy’s. It’s really required in a way to go. We’ll definitely see. We’ve got really good open communication with our German colleagues on this project. Australia is one of the only deal at some of the key markets for the product so we will be able to feedback what our customers are telling us so you never know down the track. But at this stage there’s just no plans for it. [38.1]

[00:27:03] Putting it this way it’s not going to be in April 2018 with the rest of us. [4.5]

[00:27:08] But it’s not a no which is a great thing. Like has always been really appreciate your time. Thanks so much. If people hadn’t seen X class yet head to behind the wheel dot com dot you plenty of books. [8.8]

[00:27:17] OK thanks very much guys. [1.0]

[00:27:24] Riding from a Mercedes Benz you had to a guy who said something during the week and I played it and I went wow that’s interesting it reminded me of an episode of Family Guy The guy who sent me the thing was the one and only Joel Helms. Hi Joel how are you going. [14.4]

[00:27:38] Hello guys really. Well thank you. Hey you’ve been rocking out to some stuff you been finding on YouTube. [4.4]

[00:27:43] I don’t know if I’d be saying rocking out perhaps laughing. [3.7]

[00:27:49] Well you’re going to play a little bit of I know but what a good thing it is that we’re actually talking about it. It was just a standard old road safety video. You wouldn’t even talk about it. Might we put some it’s captured the attention. [9.8]

[00:27:59] OK. Well let’s have a little bit of a and then just if we can make our own minds up. I. Know. It’s. [20.3]

[00:28:29] Tough to do. So. You just. Said. [7.8]

[00:28:46] You know I couldn’t get enough of Wang Chung when our first year a release recalls. [5.9]

[00:28:52] But the message is a really important one it is. Leave your phone where it is. Don’t pick it up but don’t answer it while you’re driving. I [6.4]

[00:28:59] guess you’re absolutely right now this of course Joel was commissioned by the National Safety Council in the US so there’s some big money behind it. My question would be when they were sitting around in the office going yeah let’s let’s do it to the Wang Chung video. Who would they trying to appeal to you. [12.8]

[00:29:13] Well it’s funny as the lyrics are you jump on the behind of a website. Watch the video it’s even it’s even more hilarious. You’re going to start. Yeah. Proud Wang Chung I think they did pretty well. I mean I’m glad I could really check. [11.2]

[00:29:26] I’d say I’m rather amused by the woman who’s doing her lipstick and subsidize somebody which that’s not abusing the lipstick ends up on her face actually is. And the bloke is shaving with an electric razor as he drives. I have done that in the park. I can’t imagine why anyone would seems so dangerous. It’s a good one to mention Joel. [18.7]

[00:29:45] Exactly right. Something I can’t say I’ve experienced either of those. [2.9]

[00:29:48] Well owned by Peter Hitchens and I have a door pocket so if you’re talking about electric shaver that’s when I get there because it is you could see that full video at the website as John mentioned behind the wheel dot com. [11.9]

[00:30:01] You look it it’s worth a laugh. Check it out. Love to hear your comments at feedback at behind the wheel dot com. Now Joel of course we caught up with you briefly while you’re up at the top end with the have all guys last week of course have been the Chinese SUV manufacturer. [13.6]

[00:30:15] Well what’s their name for it. I have like gravel isn’t it that’s what it is not have I’ll tell you. I grew up in a poor suburb in Melbourne called Target t.j. So that’s kind of the the spin putting it. [11.1]

[00:30:28] It’s definitely have have will have to have everybody remember the name have all because it is a brand to watch. [5.8]

[00:30:34] It certainly is by the look at the car. They have all I have seen I’ve only actually seen one on the road and it looked extremely nice. I must say look great. [7.9]

[00:30:42] Yeah. And I think probably by their own admission the cars that have arrived so far. So it’s looking like an H. Two H A page nine have been good offerings but I had a sneak preview of the H7 which is a new model that’s coming out early next year. We have a driver who couldn’t actually drive it went as passengers in it completely another level ahead and we’re talking up there. You will not believe the quality of this vehicle this H7 that’s coming our way. It’s a seven seat up but it’s I suppose you’d should say Subaru Outback kind of size it’s probably more wagon than SUV. I couldn’t believe the fit and finish of this car. Not even to say I mean it’s a terrible thing to say for a Chinese car but for any car I was really impressed by how good this car was and I think it’s going to be a hit and they’ve gotten a serious take on this. I [43.6]

[00:31:25] have been reading they’re going to get into the electrification business there’s some real kind of serious technology when it comes to autonomous driving lots of stuff as well so there’s a lot to come from. [7.7]

[00:31:33] They are very very serious and I know that we always talk about the Korean experience where Hyundai and K came and it took them a number of years to get their product right. And then you know once you’ve got the product there is a perfect example that Australians will try different products and I can tell you that the products of today are good but this H7 it looks to be just another level ahead and I’m sure that it’s going to make a real splash in the market in that I suppose would be probably midsize issue very market. [28.4]

[00:32:03] It just looks really phenomenal and so far they’re bringing in SUV. And I think that’s all they make isn’t it. But are they at a vision of a of a larger Chinese corporation that’s making other vehicles. [9.9]

[00:32:13] Yes. Great Wall and have all the same company. Pretty amazing figures. For example the six last year have all claimed that it was the top selling vehicle in the. In November and December last year. Good heavens. Massive cellar in in China and export tickets to 37 different countries around the world. Still only two years since they first landed here in Australia. And before that probably most people would never have even heard of the brand. But making big strides and I think over the next couple of years and in talking to the guys from have all you know they really determined to get here and they’re going to do whatever it takes to really make a big splash. You know it’s interesting because there really aren’t any other havel’s in the market. There’s nobody else that’s come in the last couple of years that’s really pushing ahead and making the inroads that they are. So as I said that they are they are definitely one to watch and one to check out. [50.8]

[00:33:04] If you’ve not seen me have all yet. Head to our website by the dot com era. There you can read reviews of some of the previous models and see Joel in the H7. Joe I wanted take quick break now. Stick around. We’ve got more to throw at you right after this. [11.6]

[00:33:16] We are headed back out on the road of course Joel. [2.8]

[00:33:19] Were you on the road in the or was it sort of more dirt track much dirt track got lost and ended up on the old garden railway. Oh on the on the actual railway line. Well the trucks are gone. But along where the trucks used to be and then stumbled across a remote mine somewhere around the Northern Territory down the shaft. And I thought we might never we might never see and hear from you again. [26.4]

[00:33:46] They are very entertaining. No joke. We’ve had a great listener question. Come in and to help us with this. We thought well who better to get than the gorgeous one the glamorous side of behind the wheel it is Rachel Franco right. [11.8]

[00:33:59] And certainly not the experts I’d say take your boat. Now let’s get feedback is behind the wheel. Condor [9.3]

[00:34:08] you is our email address. Want to get us on if you’ve got questions like mirin did during the week and it was quite a lengthy email I got from her Ed said that basically she wants a medium SUV. She’s had a read of the reviews and basically all she can come up with is that all of them are pretty good. And the question then begs as to what one does she buy. And I suppose it comes down to personal choice so she’s asked if each of us could name just one medium SUV that if you had to go and buy one today which one would it be I reckon you’d you’d probably be doing pretty well if you looked at the latest Honda CRV. [37.0]

[00:34:46] Well of course such as one North American Car of the year I believe. And the earth the outgoing one was also terrific maybe you could sharpen the old pencil or get the dealer to do likewise and give you a good deal of course because I see over you and any kind of was released from the last week or so wasn’t a joke. [15.6]

[00:35:02] Yeah that’s it. Yeah. So the review of the new ones up on the website and by all accounts a very good car. Just mentioning pencil. Never never signed a contract in pencil. [9.3]

[00:35:11] By the way that’s a very good idea. I think he’ll sign it right. Experts say people would go for the sun to see Ivy. What would you be buying. [10.3]

[00:35:22] I would have to go for the Mazda 6 x5. I know a few people that have recently bought them and and the money. I think they’re really good value. They feel a little luxury. They’ve got all the stuff on it. They look really nice on the road. I think they’re economical mess. There’s a great brand really reliable. I haven’t had the Myself and haven’t had any sort of issues with it so I’d go for that. [23.4]

[00:35:45] Yeah and look I mean I think it’s a huge step up from the old car like it’s big brother x 9 which of course one hour car of the year last year. It feels like a much more expensive car than it actually is. You know it’s beautifully quiet the materials they use in it are really quite stunning. And I actually think it might even be in with a whiff of car of the at a Mazda six five for 2017 has to stick in Daytona. Joel where would your money be going. [24.2]

[00:36:10] Well the market says one in five of these vehicles that ends up in Australian driveway or certainly in June it was a Hyundai Tucson. So the market normally gets it pretty right. Yeah. I don’t go too wrong with I can’t go wrong with the sport as well from care. No gravel wagon. You Volkswagen big ones very impressive but I think I’ve got to agree with Rachel again Mazda with the best all rounder it’s a little bit sporty it’s a little bit conservative to see x5. Well price plenty of features and a nice luxurious feel as well. So hard to beat that one. [29.3]

[00:36:39] Yeah. Look I haven’t driven the Honda see are the yet. I expect it to be good purely because Honda seem to have their mojo back certainly. I’ve just recently spent some time in the New siddiq and it’s such a big step up over the old model I’d expect the new CRV to be similar. But look I got to I got to run with the majority here. The Mazda 6 5 I was blown away by it. Just in the couple of weeks that I spent in a couple of different variants it looks fantastic gets a whole lot better looking than the current replacers I think and it’s just that feeling of luxury and whilst it’s probably I think the Volkswagen big one would be essentially the the absolute pinnacle. But you you do have to pay the premium to have that German badge. The man does Price sharply. It looks great and of course sensational resale I got a friend at the moment who is. For a second hand one and even a couple of years old. You know the base model still knocking on the door a thirty three grand. Which is not far off the new car price. Pretty good yeah. I think to see X5 myran. That’s where I pretty much most of our money will go. Yeah there was an honourable mention to the Honda C.. Because if you have a question as I mentioned in the email address is feedback get behind the wheel dot com dot you. Now what we’ve got both Rachel and Joel still with this. [1:12.0]

[00:37:52] Rachel mentioned to me during the week about a car that I’d forgotten all about. And it was a car that I think first was released in about 1980 to in a Commodore variant. I think they were Kingswood variants of it too but it was the special edition vacationer. Normally it was a wagon and I think what you got when you bought the vacationer model was some stickers. [22.2]

[00:38:14] I don’t quite know what else you got but I think it was the stickers were important but they are expensive stickers. They were up to a dollar. [6.1]

[00:38:22] I was so fancy too you know really classic 80s work. I think actually camera had. [5.1]

[00:38:28] Yes there was a varying as well of the camera vacationer. Am I right was that the Iraqis were very good. [6.9]

[00:38:35] I can’t remember a place word was before that sort of caught on. I think I don’t remember there being any special edition thing. [6.3]

[00:38:42] But no one had that in the 70s. But there were some mistakes. [3.2]

[00:38:46] There are a few lessons I think that carried carry designer badges or there was. [4.6]

[00:38:51] But that was kind of I said it was wrong. In the 90s wasn’t the one that springs to mind was the rehbock nesson pulsar. [6.5]

[00:38:57] You would go past it a corrupted nation and did it have denim upholstery. I’m just wondering how much you know you got a free pair of runners. Oh yes sir. And the reason I it is you got a free press is you got a free pair everyone I know was shoe laces just keys. [16.6]

[00:39:15] And then of course I remember she was kind of big used. I think she was the woman behind the style that was either buttrose any time I went out. She was dressed by Carlos and Patty. Oh yeah. I mean Carla had a crack at the Ford Laza remember and later in the game moated had those lovely velour seats anyway. He called the kalas and Paddy version of the lace. I don’t quite know how well that sold. [22.9]

[00:39:38] I think I might have sold four or five of those massive sales there. My favourite one was the sports girl arena. I was just going to say that right to you. I couldn’t quite afford sports galperin so I had to do with the sports t-shirt. But I quite like to go green with the dancing girl graphic. I wonder what’s going to go on the back. [25.4]

[00:40:03] You know I wonder these days whether a car maker would be so specific as to the intended gender of its buyer. [6.2]

[00:40:11] I think the thing because it would rule out any segment. Yeah. [2.7]

[00:40:14] I wonder how would anyone made money out of this I wondered was it the car companies that went to the retailers and said look we can help promote you or was it the retailers that went to work. Got me thinking though what would I do. What would some special editions we’d see in 2017 because things have moved on. You know I don’t know were there any well most kids under the age of 30 wouldn’t know who colours and Patti was Reebok. Nobody wants reebok’s anymore. [23.4]

[00:40:37] They don’t like. They still sell. Do they. Oh yes. It’s making a comeback. Yeah. Yeah. You can tell I’m out of the loop in my own fashion for my immediate thought was I thought maybe a GM could get involved with someone like Hyundai and have the GM Hyundai I 20 you can see my selling. [19.9]

[00:40:57] Yes although you could have a rod and gun discovery. Ronald Reagan is a you know it’s a great New Zealand clothing brand. Yes. Terrific brand actually good clothes. What about a snapchat Suzuki Swift because I was thinking you know what is on trend if that snapchat is on trend and Suzuki Swift might be a car. It would be more suited to the ignace the snapchat. I love snapchat. I love you. This is cool. Actually this is a good car that I was thinking of a few years ago and I think you have to if you can imagine the stickers on the side of a car I think we’ve got to get a dab model. Yeah yeah. Yes I agree. But they can drive around in that. Well I must say I do tend to dabble dab a little bit. You just have to adapt that how we roll. Except that I’m not one I’m not sure of the DAB is almost a little bit last century now. You know remember those those spinners they built fidgets I mean it’s just well they’re messy or not. Are they now. Yes I think so. Just last week right you’ll know they’re gone. I think they’re made of gold and I also think well I mean what were those things that everybody chased around looking for the other Nintendo things. Yes that’s right. Whatever. Hey come on come on go. Well of course Evan is about it. [1:16.4]

[00:42:14] Come on Gone With the most ridiculous thing that but a rant right there. Oh look out. [6.3]

[00:42:21] I’ll tell you what. Nothing like playing on a golf course and seeing somebody coming along on the fair wage that’s what you’re about to draw. And they’ve got the got their phone on their hands. You ready for a poke him on go. I’m pleased it’s gone. [11.5]

[00:42:33] That’s all I can do for getting run over by cars. Walk into the middle of the road looking for this stupid thing that’s a natural selection out there. [7.8]

[00:42:42] What about. Cotton on Mitsubishi back at Mitsubishi. Yes yes yes. That sounds about right. I’ll try one of them. [7.1]

[00:42:49] And I think for the greenies out there for the people that you know I kind of wouldn’t drink coffee but only herbal tea. They go for the birkenstock edition of disco Yeti. [9.2]

[00:42:59] Yes that’s right a combo Yes determinedly different and proud of it. Exactly right. [5.3]

[00:43:04] If you’ve got any ideas we’d love to hear some feedback about that we’ll dot com. Looks like we’re out of time again. Another big show ahead of us next week. Joel Helms are you off anywhere exciting footing around the country for more motoring releases. [11.5]

[00:43:16] Next we’re checking out the new push. Three double I liked. So that would be good. [3.7]

[00:43:20] Oh that’ll be nice. Good work. [1.8]

[00:43:22] And Rachel I suppose you’ll consider you continue to travel on the train and abuse your fellow commuters lately. [6.0]

[00:43:29] I look forward to reading more about that on Facebook. No I want to thank you very much as always great to have your company on behind the wheel. [8.2]

[00:43:37] Don’t miss it again next week. [0.9]

[43:38.4]Do we talk to you again. Stay safe. [1.9]

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