Behind the Wheel Podcast 456

Behind the Wheel Podcast 456

It a plethora of cars this week!

We’re headed into the red centre this week to get a proper taste of the all-new Land Rover Discovery.

This SUV/4×4 comes to the market with some big expectations.

Joel Helmes will give us the verdict on whether or not the Discovery lives up to them, live from Uluru.

We’ve stumbled across a car lover’s paradise and it’s only an hour away from Sydney; The Gosford Classic Car Museum.

It has an amazing collection and CEO, Ken Grindrod, joins us with details on some extraordinary cars, including Harry Vanda’s Aston Martin V8!

BMW has launched the highly anticipated X3.

Lenore Fletcher has all the details on an important SUV offering for BMW.

We’ll also hear about some Black Fire Edition BMW’s. Yes…Black Fire. We’ll find out the what and the why.

Simon Lai has been living it up in a Nissan X-Trail STNissan‘s 7 seat mid-size SUV.

Rachel Franco makes a welcome return with a plan to get Pete a personalised number plate, and has news on a massive price hike for those people who already have personalised plates.

We’ve just picked the all-new BMW 5 Series – it’s the 530e plug in electric version.

There’s some amazing tech in this sumptuous new offering from BMW, you can get around without using petrol surprisingly easily – we’ll tell you how.

Lots of news around this week – the fastest ever Porsche 911 has just been released, there’s a new V8 Aston Martin, a face-lift for a Maserati, and how much will a new Civic Type R will cost you? We’ve got the details.

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Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0456 Transcript:

[00:00:00] Behind the wheel with Peter each increased Miller driven by behind the wheel dot com today. All right today. We’re here.

[00:00:13] At the red centre to all of you in fact meet with Joel Helms for the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery a car that I know you’ve been looking forward to. I know I have to. Very much so a great car and a great place for the launch to the Red Centre. What a wonderful part of Australia it is you’re right. Big market expectations for this one. I’ll tell you what I think it’s. Well we’ll have to wait and see what the official verdict is for Joe Helms. But you’re right. I think he should be pretty good.

[00:00:39] Absolutely. He’s been hanging out with all the head honchos from the Land Rover family the designers all the rest of it and really putting the discovery through its paces so it’ll be great to kind of get that insight life from a situation where a lot of people who would by discovery might actually head to for a family holiday indeed because the discoveries really are the type of cars that people do take off right. Maybe not the 150000 dollar Flash version because of the rain but the paintwork.

[00:01:05] But no you’re quite right though. They’ve got a marvellous wonderful off-road pedigree. And that is the most terrific part of Australia to go live. Oh it’s beautiful. It’s amazing.

[00:01:15] Anyway we’ll get the full details life from all of you from John Helmes a bit later in the show. And we’re also going to head to a place that I know you’ve been to Pete John was up there on the weekend. We’ve decided to get the boss on the line of the gosford Car museum.

[00:01:30] Oh this is an absolute cracking day. I tell you what if you’re anywhere near gosford on that part of the NSW is sort of central coast or I’m I’m not quite sure what what the official version of where it is. Show is north of Sydney north of Sydney if you are there go along and see this. It’s a fantastic day out. It’s huge. There’s cars everywhere all shapes and sizes and I have no idea how they have made such an amazing collection. I know some of the cars are auctioned from time to time but know what I’m looking forward to finding out more from the boss.

[00:02:06] Well Ken grindrod he’s going to join us with details on a car they are actually going to auction. This is one of the most collectable Aston Martin ever in the world and its former owner one Harry vanders and renewing the V8 Aston Martin that he that he own personally will hit the market. So we going to find out how much how you might be able to get your hands on it if that’s the sort of thing that you like and we’ll maybe find out how the gosford car museum actually gets such a brilliant collection of stars.

[00:02:34] It is just it really is an amazing tourist attraction that one not everyone has heard about it. But I tell you what if you’re in that neck of the woods make sure you go along if you have an interest in cars I tell you what it is it’s very hard to describe just how much fun it is especially if you like cars as we do.

[00:02:51] Fantastic well that she is on the line. Why didn’t you give us details about the all new BMW X3 that’s been unveiled in Europe this week. Of course it’s a really important car for BMW and of course it’s headed into a market that’s jampacked full of competitors. That’s right because the competition is sort of upping its game a bit. You’re right. Well of course the Mercedes Benz and the GLC you see them everywhere now. We’re about to see the Audi q5 hit the roads as well. Know of course Jaguar announced the pace. They’re sort of similar sized car that will be on the way soon so there’s a lot riding on the BMW X3. The cars I am quite keen to talk to Eleanor about were another couple that were released earlier this week. I just love the name of of the same here the blackfire edition via BMW X5 M and the 6 AM tough and fast that’s what it sounds like. And I believe they’re more than just sort of X5 BMW dressed up in a Batman outfit.

[00:03:50] Think there’s a nice hood over the top little kid.

[00:03:56] One of the things to the server market a love like ours you’re going to walk into somebody. Well we’re going to find out what actually has gone on under the bonnet and under the suspension of the blackfire editions of BMW X5.

[00:04:11] You know what I think of of blackfire I just think of Simon like climbing behind the wheel of something fast. Taking off. I wondered was it a blackfire. This next trial. Oh maybe not. I’m not sure.

[00:04:23] Could be something to think about maybe later in the year blackfire addition of the extra hour. So I was going to tell us about the S.T. version of the X trail which I think he quite likes. I think so based model. And look I mean you see extra everywhere and for good reason. They’re a great great car. Yeah. They’re really good value to like. They actually for a cause I think they’re seven seats and you can get them for a bodner just a sponge over 30 grand which is good value motoring. Rachel Franco Nashi of course makes a welcome return and she’s got some plans to get a personalized plate for your your carpet.

[00:04:56] Yes. That’s enough. Now I know where you’re going with this. It’ll be something outrageous somebody that I wouldn’t be seen out of a garage with. Just stop right there. But it is an interesting topic. Personalized plates are big business.

[00:05:12] They are indeed BMW 5 series. It was only released couple of weeks ago. We’ve just picked up the keys to the plug in hybrid electric version of 530. I’ll give you a rundown of that a little later in the show and there’s lots of news around this week to Pete isn’t there.

[00:05:25] Yes there certainly is. From Elon Musk one of the people in the news because finally the Model 3 is going into production it’s starts about now. It’s certainly this weekend and they reckon that the first 30 customers of the long awaited cheaper version of the Tesla will be delivered to customers in his month end of this month. So it’s just a few weeks time.

[00:05:47] And it’s gone on sale in the US for thirty five thousand dollars. We were expecting it to land here for around or under 60 grand which is finally going to put it into well within reach of the masses and it no longer you have to pay three hundred thousand dollars for it. Yes that’s right. Of course we got news as well on the fastest ever porsh 9 11. The new V8 Aston Martin facelift Maserati. And we’ve got pricing details too. On the long awaited eagerly anticipated civic type typa that’s the one you’re always banging on about and I can understand why.

[00:06:20] Because it’s an amazing vehicle by the sound of things.

[00:06:29] Well as promised.

[00:06:30] You’ve been waiting patiently. And now we bring you news of two or three very exciting cars from our good friends at BMW. Tell us a bit more. The lovely the gorgeous Lenore Fletcher good. Lenore Welcome back to behind the wheel.

[00:06:43] How are we today. Great to talk to you Eleanor and how exciting that the X3 is on the way and it looks amazing and it looks. Dare I say it it looks like it’s actually expanded a little bit. It’s a bit bigger than it was.

[00:06:55] It has indeed. It is a little bit longer. It’s a little bit lighter. It is definitely larger in size.

[00:07:02] And we’ve got a real focus on this model with the interior comfort so the interior is virtually showing all of the new updates and technology that we’ve got in our new 5 series.

[00:07:14] So it’s going to be beautiful inside and very luxurious as well. Can’t wait to drive it. But the interesting thing about the x 3 is as you know last year was the last full year of sales of the old model. Yeah. And it was a record year.

[00:07:26] So normally when you know you’re coming up to a new model the sales kind of dwindle off but this segment is so popular that last year we had a record year of extra sales and this year it’s been going hot and strong too. So this segment is on fire and we are going to be part of it. This is a brand new vehicle.

[00:07:44] So it’s I suppose a range of engines. Chris has been driving a plug in five series. Is there a plug in model of the x3 on the way.

[00:07:54] There is a lot of discussion about that and I think as you’ve seen we’ve got a plug in hybrid now for our seven series five series our three series and our x5. I think it’s pretty much a shoo in that you’ll be seeing alternate power trains in all of the BMW vehicles as we go through the forward through the next few years.

[00:08:13] One of the variants that caught my eye in the north not surprisingly I don’t know which one is the pink.

[00:08:20] That’s right. It’s the two litre turbo diesel.

[00:08:23] No I’m joking to it a turbo D that will be great but the end performance X3 the M 40 eye which of course cops that magnificent 270 kilowatt 500 meter freeloader straight six. You would imagine were the big powerful engine under there. It’s also going to have work for the suspension and that sort of thing to make it handle really well.

[00:08:43] look those details haven’t really been talked about a great deal and we haven’t confirmed that that’s something that’s going to be available in right hand drive. But you can bet your boots that it is will be very keen to look at that vehicle.

[00:08:56] Another couple of cars moving away from the x3 now to. I think most brilliantly named BMW is I’ve ever heard of the blackfire edition x5 m and the blackfire x x m. What’s the story with these Batmen type BMW.

[00:09:13] Now that’s an interesting story. I was talking to one of my colleagues this morning about it and they said one word blackfire and that is it looks menacing and I love it. I love it because it does. Everything is black black 21 inch wheels black interior. It’s just have black holes that’s you know it looks like some sort of crouching animal. Ready to get you. So it’s going to be great. The next 6am is my favourite car in the whole world at the moment.

[00:09:38] So if you want to make a statement in your motoring and the whole thing out there that’s the way anybody.

[00:09:44] Peter who is driving an x6 is making a that.

[00:09:49] Well I’ll try it.

[00:09:50] You can see pictures right now behind the wheel. Dot com dot you all. The beautiful new BMW X3. And those blackfire editions Lenore as always great to talk to you thanks for your company today.

[00:10:00] Perfect thanks guys.

[00:10:01] Nice to talk to you.

[00:00:01] Behind you. We’re making strides. Yes indeed.

[00:00:06] We certainly have started with a bang all those latest details on that n.w. x3. The blackfire additions as well. And we’ve still got a full rundown live from all the crew of the all new Land Rover Discovery cannot wait. Hear how that thing goes. I’m sure it’s going to go pretty well. I would say so and I would imagine if you looked hard enough you’d probably find some Land Rover product at the gosford Classic Car Museum. Definitely. Absolutely without question because they’ve got everything there.

[00:00:33] I’ve never been there. All of a sudden your raving Joel Helms is raving.

[00:00:37] I saw it at Christmas time and there was a day of my Christmas holidays that I will never forget. I just thought it was outstanding. If you’re in the area if you’re anywhere north of Sydney get to the gosford car museum it’s a classic car museum thing and have a look at it but rather than me burble on which I would all day about it let’s let’s have a yarn to the CEO which is Ken grindrod. Thank you very much for joining us and congratulations on a brilliant museum.

[00:01:06] Yes. Well thanks very much. I mean we’ve taken great pride in what we’ve put together which is it’s been a three year task. The museum has been open 12 months but of course it was two years prior to that of making these beautiful motor vehicles.

[00:01:20] So it turns out Ken there are all these vehicles you guys own them all. Got on consignment or loans or anything. Every car that you see there at the cost of car museum is owned by you guys.

[00:01:29] Yes it is. I mean Tony Denny who is the owner of the museum and every car whose own we don’t consign vehicles and the beautiful thing about that of course is that we’re able to by doing that we’re able to change the display quite often so that you know if you come back every six months you probably see 50 60 different cars.

[00:01:47] Yes. Now when I was there for instance there was a whole area of this huge museum set aside for those limousines from the Soviet era Russia. You know the ones you see chanute. Yes. These you know you see Leonard abrasion on those newsreel clips driving past him one of these things. They’ve got them right there and cars from China from from communist China you know from a high ranking party officials things that have been driven by the royal family and governors and American cars and cars from Europe on something from czechoslovakia pre-war. It just goes on and on doesn’t it care.

[00:02:23] Well it does and where that sort of originated from is that Tony Denny who’s who is the owner of the Museum Of course. But whilst he lives here and he’s an Australian guy he spent 30 years engaged in Europe with his company’s triple auto and a mess of these vehicles. And when he retired was when he sold out much of his company bought them with him. And it is a fantastic question. I mean I think it’s probably the best collection of what we call communist cars in the southern hemisphere.

[00:02:47] Well yes. I mean you know you wouldn’t you just wouldn’t see them anywhere else.

[00:02:51] It’s a day out and you know I mean you come into the museum and the way we set it up is you you sort of train through the various regions. We set up that you sort of come into the porsh Mercedes area you move into the Italian cars and Ferrari Lamborghini feed from Ohio then transponding through to the English cars and then the Australian muscle cars which you’ve got a great collection of. And now we just acquired a new nizami which wouldn’t have been here when you were here. And then through to America and and then of course we have the communist cars which is sitting just outside of the Berlin Wall.

[00:03:28] A lot less. You’ve got to see it. They’ve got an interest in cars from any angle whether it’s you know those historical cars from from Eastern Europe or the profligately Yes it’s just all there it’s terrific.

[00:03:42] Now I believe you you do sell a couple of cars and from what I understand there’s a pretty special Aston Martin V8 that you might be able to buy.

[00:03:50] Oh beautiful Yes. Well well that particular Aston Martin it’s a 73 V8 which was the first of the nights when sort of pulled off in the DV six which will be a V8. And this particular car was sold new in London but it found its way to America and found its way to Australia and it was eventually bought by a gentleman called Harry vander Harry vantiv of course was the lead guitarist with the easybeats.

[00:04:15] He was a mandarin young wrote all those iconic it’s of the era. He has a good guitar player and had good taste in cars too by the sound of it. What sort of conditions he as an equal.

[00:04:24] It’s magnificent. It was actually when it came to stride was fully restored by another gentleman. And it been painted in a fantastic electric blue and it is just beautiful car. I mean it really is. It’s just stunning and under the lights it’s it’s just lovely and goes the aim right now is so collectable.

[00:04:43] Yeah absolutely. One of the most collectible aston’s ever. You said it went to America. They didn’t do any kind of drive conversions or anything. No no no. So it’s original.

[00:04:53] It was quite an interesting story that the the region went to America was actually left in a will to somebody and they took the cat. And then it was sold to an Australian gentleman who had it and brought it back he ended the conversion prior to being sold by the Aston Martin dealers in Victoria to to Harry vanda and Harry to do I believe in excess of 10 years. Then of course every car he had a story that we have a story in front of all the cars where they’ve been all as much as we can you know. Some cars were just absolutely fantastic stories. I mean we’ve got the landseer steerer which Wow which was a magnificent car was driven by the 10 ambasador in London in 1938.

[00:05:33] Oh very well see that’s that’s the beauty of this place. You get the story of the cars and you get to see them right there in the Metal.

[00:05:42] Have you got a favourite Ken. I have and probably I’m a bit of an orphan early man and we’ve got a hundred for Heeley here which is one many kinko’s and it’s probably the best 204 in Australia is not one of the top in the world so we sort of lean towards those English cars because we love a types who doesn’t.

[00:06:03] We’ve got some wonderfully types Well if no matter where you are in the country even if you are over in NZ or in Vanuatu get on a plane get on a train get on a bus get to the gosford car museum you can be a great day out. You can see pics at our website right now behind the wheel dot com. You can great to talk to man and continued success with the great Kamis ayem and we’ve got some land I was of course too don’t forget of course.

[00:00:06] Certainly has started with a bang. We’ve been there all. We’ve been to the Gosford car museum and now we head to backblocks in Sydney somewhere to talk to some bloke driving our next trial that bloke is simon lai.

[00:00:20] Guys how are we. It’s good to talk to you. SIMON Tell us how is the X trail. They’ve been around for a while haven’t they since they first got on the scene yeah. But then I know somebody who had one and absolutely loved it.

[00:00:33] Yes. As they came out they’ve been quite popular. One of the most popular as uv’s and I had the the Nissan x-trail S.T. which is at the bottom of the scale it has seven seats.

[00:00:45] This particular one and it’s two wheel drive that comes in at about thirty one. Thirty two thousand dollars. And I found that yeah it’s one of those cars where it just doesn’t have any problems you don’t notice anything really bad about it. It just drives really nicely. Is not something that you really notice like you don’t notice any rough ride it takes the bumps quite well. Is quite punchy actually from that to two and a half later engine because it doesn’t have like that extra push when you step down

[00:01:16] But it had a lot of alacrity I found it’s a very homey welcoming interior I seem to remember it’s quite solid and kind of ensconced as you win nice feeling fabrics it’s a nice place to be.

[00:01:27] Yeah it is. I mean like I said it’s not really flashy but it’s still quite pragmatic. I had the Estes So it’s a little bit more basic on the inside. You have a black finish interior a few soft touch fences and fabrics. Overall I found that it’s you know it’s quite accommodating. It has a small display screen which is probably the only down side with no touch screen there manual controls manual climate control. But it did have a push by an ignition. So you know there’s a few bits of technology that fancy.

[00:02:03] Oh that’s terrific. Now this is I suppose you’d have to say a small to midsize SUV around bet taken on the likes of the Honda CR-V the Toyota Rav4 Don’t care spataro. It seems to represent pretty good value for 32 grand and 7 cedar.

[00:02:18] Yeah exactly. I mean if you want something with that capacity it’s a great price to have that option although I mean like I said it’s seven seats and it’s a medium sized car. If you want seven seats I’d probably suggest getting a large SUV. In this particular case where we say oh sometimes that third row is a bit cramped in this case. It really is. It’s really meant for those emergency situations or for kids because if you have the second row of seats even slightly back by like in my case you put a baby seat in there then there’s almost no leg room in the back. It’s already really restricted and then it’s even more so when you have the seat back in the States are quite small. They’re not really bulky. They got a little bit of padding. They’re not really tall either so they’re you know quite on the small side. Of course you just have that option. They actually want to fold them up or fold them down. You can store more stuff in the back or you can put a couple extra people in there.

[00:03:18] One of the things about SUV is tends to be that despite the appearances you actually don’t get a huge amount of boot space back there right. Yeah. So how is it on the X trail.

[00:03:27] It’s pretty much the same as most other SUV is. It’s a decent space. It’s wide enough to fit most things in there. No problem with my pram and all that. But of course a lot of the space is air space which not many people use unless you’re really stacking things right at the top. So you know a lot of that really goes wasted. Now the thing I wanted to mention Like I said the baby seat to this particular one doesn’t have a middle tether. I’m very used to putting my seat in the middle because it has sort of like a fall down cupholder. So the whole middle section of the seat goes down. So there’s only tethers on the left and right hand side and not in the middle not in the middle.

[00:04:07] Okay. We’ve said it’s 32 grand it’s pretty you know pretty competitive with other things in market. What sort of warranty do you get with that.

[00:04:16] Yeah pretty standard. Three hundred. Hundred thousand kilometre warranty. But you do get a five star safety rating.

[00:04:23] It’s not a face recently to some of looks like the rest of the nisson range with it’s sort of the side style like sort of grill going on flying. Yeah.

[00:04:30] They call like fake. You watch any movie.

[00:04:34] I think I do. Excellent. I will look forward with interest to reading the full review behind the wheel bocom don’t you. SIMON line is next. I’ll talk to you next week man Taig eyes.

[00:04:45] Behind the wheel. We’ll tell you.

[00:04:50] And news just out of the US. Tesla’s first Model 3 The long awaited electric car that’s priced for the mass market as expected to roll off the factory floor about now. This has been released in a series of tweets by Elon Musk who reckons that the first 30 owners will receive their cars at the end of the month more from July 1.

[00:05:09] All new Honda vehicles will roll out of the showroom doors with a five year unlimited kilometre warranty a more attractive proposition than a three year 100000 km warranty previously on offer.

[00:05:19] Now the new warranty will apply to all Honda models including the civic as well as to the imminent releases of the CRV and the civic type are your favourite. Now Honda commercial vehicles Meanwhile will also receive a new five year warranty but limited to 140000 cases.

[00:05:34] Now the fastest most powerful Street Legal Porsche 911 ever has debuted at the goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK boasting 521 kilowatts and just shy of 750 neutron meters of talk.

[00:05:47] The Porsche 911. G t to r s. Does a sub 3 seconds sprint to 100 kilometres an hour.

[00:05:53] Wow the Porsche engineers added rear wheel steering ceramic brakes carbon fibre body panels and a magnesium roof and rear tyres that are a mammoth 325 mile wide.

[00:06:04] They reckon us pricing for the 2018 portion and 9 11 G to R S Model starts from 380000 Australian and the models expected to land there later this year.

[00:06:14] Well you can buy the new 2018 Honda Civic type R car from 51 grand. The sporty hot hatch rounds out the Honda Civic range following the introduction of the regular sedan and hatchback now Honda say they’ve already got 250 customer orders for the type of car which features a new two litre 228 kilowatt v-tech Turbo four cylinder that also develops a big four hundred new meters and all put to the road via the front wheels through a six speed manual only brainbow brakes inside 20 inch black alloy wheels and a limited slip deaf are just some of the performance mods on the nürburgring lap record setting car. Now there is no doubt the V12 version would be pretty sweet. However there is now a rumbling V8 Aston Martin db 11 on the way 24 hours after announcing a limited edition run of electric vehicles in 2019. Aston Martin confirmed the V8 version of the dbe 11 now the four leader twin turbo engine has been provided by Mercedes AMG and produces 395 kilowatts 700 meters of torque Jaguar is set to introduce a new two leader ingenius four cylinder turbo charged petrol engine into 2018 versions of the XY and the xcept saloon and the F-pace SUV have very healthy outputs 221 kilowatts the new engine will also use less fuel which is always good to know.

[00:07:30] Just under seven litres per 100 kilometres combined and emits less CO2 as well.

[00:07:35] The New York Stock Exchange was chosen by mazarini as the perfect backdrop to unveil a refreshed 2018 version of the Maserati Granturismo is my unveiled alongside a number of other current Maserati models.

[00:07:47] The four seat sports tour get some cosmetic upgrades a slightly reconfigured centre console and an updated info tainment system.

[00:07:55] Power continues to come from me hand built 343 kilowatt Ferrari four point seven litre V8 engine IRA speed auto transmission. Will things move quickly in the car world these days. For example the range rover valois was only unveiled in March. It’s about to go on sale in Europe and it lands here in October.

[00:08:12] The range rover verlag gets the new two litre ingenius petrol engine the two 21 kilowatt 400 Newton metres and it will propel the car to 100 kilometres an hour in a very respectable six seconds.

[00:08:23] Of course there’ll be a supercharged six petrol as well as four cylinder and six turbo diesel models. The Range Rover velar costs between 71000 and 136 thousand.

[00:08:34] The Hyundai own premium car brand Genesis will soon have a midsize luxury car out to tempt buyers away from the BMW 3 Series Mercedes Benz C class and the rda for the Genesis G 70 does look a little familiar because it shares the same platform as the key a stinger tip for debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The Genesis G 70 will be the first Genesis car that doesn’t wear where first a Hyundai badgewhen it comes to market.

[00:09:00] Expect to see a choice of two at a turbocharged four cylinder petrels and at three point three letter V 6 twin turbo. When it lands in 2018.

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