Behind the Wheel Podcast 454

Behind the Wheel Podcast 454

The team are back for show 454!

This week on Behind the Wheel we bring ways to save money, annoy your friends and family, find the perfect new city car, and bring you a review of one of the fastest and most expensive cars on Australian roads.

We’ve got news on the cheapest cars to own and run here in Australia this week.

Our mates from the RACQ have been crunching numbers on the available cars in 2017 and will share the list of cars that will cost you the least.

There’s been an all-new Volkswagen Polo unveiled in Germany and Paul Pottinger from Volkswagen Australia calls in with all the details of what to expect.

Rachel Franco is the world’s foremost expert on what it takes to become an A Class back seat driver.

She’ll explain her techniques on how best to annoy any driver.

Joel Helmes, fresh from the launch of the 2018 Subaru XV and Holden Astra Sedan, is armed with lots of juicy details.

Peter and Chris spent a couple of days with the epic Tesla Model X – the fastest, most out there all electric SUV available today. It even has automatic doors that could cause problems.

Simon Lai has been driving the Infiniti QX30 – some say it’s just a Mercedes-Benz GLA in disguise…Simon will share his thoughts.

There’s all the latest motoring news, product reviews, and maybe even a few more laughs than normal!

It’s a big one – don’t miss this Behind the Wheel Podcast…

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0454 Transcript

[00:00:00] Look at this another massive you know by the way. Welcome [3.9]

[00:00:04] as always to me to be there to make it a mess. Chris Miller good to talk to you or what you’ve been driving this week. Well I think you know it wasn’t it. Yes absolutely. We had the keys. [11.9]

[00:00:16] Well it wasn’t really it wasn’t a set of keys it was just sort of an odd sort of car shaped plastic thing being in a pouch in a pouch that opens the Tesla Model X.. What a car that is. It is amazing. Now is an SUV from Tesla. It’s [16.0]

[00:00:32] 100 percent electric. And I’ve got to say I think it’s possibly the fastest car I’ve ever driven. [6.3]

[00:00:39] I’d say it probably is as far as I’m concerned certainly as fast as I’ve ever driven. And it’s amazing it’s an SUV style and it’s big. Yeah. And yet it handles like a sedan because of that low centre of gravity because of the batteries being under the floor. [14.3]

[00:00:53] You’re absolutely right and I know you and I both discussed the styling of the Tesla Model X before we picked it up and I think we both came with the same sort of opinion that it was a little ungainly in parts and somewhat cumbersome looking. [12.8]

[00:01:06] I thought that. Yeah. And then when we reviewed it I thought actually this is stunning. I love it and I like the falcon wing doors. You see if I don’t like the fact that the chairs are so beautifully designed and they go backwards and forwards at the press of a button in the back. [18.2]

[00:01:24] I love the six seat configuration two of the six bucket seats that kind of spread throughout the car and walk up. It’s it’s a really clever car. It’s a tad on the expensive side. [11.3]

[00:01:36] Well actually yes. Now everyone is safe to do so. Just be seated for a minute. You have. The one we tested was 300 and one thousand dollars. Yep three hundred and 1000 dollars so you’re going to have to save a lot on your petrol bills to pay it all off. Yeah indeed. [18.4]

[00:01:55] Now I must point out that the Australian government gets a large chunk of that money because they bang the luxury car tax on it and all those bits and pieces GST and that sort of stuff list price is 261 grand. And if we were in a Nordic country for example we’d be buying this car for about 60 grand because their government is forward thinking and understands that climate change isn’t just some sort of pie in the sky idea and they are encouraging people to look after the environment and drive cars that don’t emit noxious gases and that don’t use fuel and I’m starting a political life. [33.5]

[00:02:29] My gosh I’d tell you what on the editorial page. I live over in a Nordic country I’d buy one because of the price. Yeah because at that kind of price this is an it’s an amazing car an astonishing car. I love the flat floor. There’s everything about it that I liked. And even wrang range anxiety. [19.9]

[00:02:49] I think we’ve I think we’ve we’re over it. We’ve moved on. It really is a demonstration of what the future holds and whilst this car we’re not going to see a lot of them purely based on the price on Australian roads. It just shows what was in store for us in the next five years. And look if you’ve not driven an electric car the bikes are tests or they’re really good. All the guys and girls down there will happily let anyone drive one of their cars just for the experience. And once you’ve experienced it I think it’s safe to say you will too would agree that the combustion engine is dead. [30.3]

[00:03:20] Well that’s the way you you end up feeling you give the cars back. In our case and you think I think I’ve just said goodbye to the future because I’m going to do a gamboge combustion engine. Most of the time there took a car anyway. Wheel well. We’ve pretty much done our review on it now but we’ll talk about it again later on. [17.5]

[00:03:38] We will indeed were also going to talk about an important car from Volkswagen the all new version of the polo. The current one is about seven years old these days and Volkswagen have come up with an all new one. We had Paul pottenger from Volkswagen on a few weeks ago and he said that he doesn’t like the term all new when it comes to cars because most of them aren’t. This one actually is all new architecture new from the ground up. Interesting to hear what’s in store in the new poll. And we’ve also crunched the numbers. We have in our mates at the racq have to come up with Australia’s cheapest car to own and run for 2017. [35.4]

[00:04:13] Well that’s interesting now that you know probably the Tesla Model S in terms of the price is was going to make money. I don’t think so but of course probably cheap to run although I don’t know how much those huge wheels the tyres on those get was 22 inches. Oh my goodness me. Amazing story. Back on the Tesla again. But I wonder what it’s going to be now. Was it a Suzuki Alto. [21.2]

[00:04:34] It was indeed last year. So whether or not that’ll take the gong again this year we’ll find out shortly. We’re also going to find out from Rachel franko who was of course the world’s most foremost expert when it takes to becoming an eight class backseat driver. She’s going to explain her techniques to us how to become a genuinely annoying back story. [17.7]

[00:04:52] Isn’t that wonderful man that no mind that look at you. Well I think there’s a car stopped up I think. OK. I can see you Oh hilarious. [12.3]

[00:05:05] I love it. Now Joel now John Helms. He’s fresh from the launch of the Subaru XIV and the Holden Astra sedan mentioned that last week. And he’s armed with lots of juicy details this time. [10.7]

[00:05:16] Excellent Simon has been driving a car that we both like. We drove it last year. I seem to remember the Infinity Q x 13 is pretty good. It seemed to me to be a Mercedes masquerading in infinity. You noticed that to other that look it was that was a reasonable little car. And we’ll bring you all the latest news from the world of motoring. All that and a whole lot more on this week’s behind the wheel. Was any car on the way from Volkswagen its car replacement for one that has already sold 14 million. [31.8]

[00:05:48] It’s unbelievable. Haven’t they. And the new one looks terrific. I must say it doesn’t do. [4.3]

[00:05:52] And from what I’ve seen it did kind of. It’s immediately obvious that it’s the new poll though and you tell us a bit more about it. It’s our great mate from Volkswagen Paul. Welcome back to by the way Paul. Hope you all might. [11.8]

[00:06:04] Gentlemen always a pleasure. Great to talk to you Paul. This car looks. It will. I must say first of all it looks bigger than the outgoing one. [7.2]

[00:06:12] It’s grown appreciably but I think to a greater extent than any car previously in this segment has it to the extent of I think it actually transcends the city car or what fca I saw caused a white car segment. I don’t think it has any real competitors anymore. Our first base for comparison is sort of millennial goals but for very much a golf journey down that’s a major new to the culture. Seven point five which we discussed last time is almost upon it. It’s right in under that. Of course it’s also on the much storied and increasingly imitated and cubie platform enables all things. [37.1]

[00:06:49] What sort of engines will be coming to Australia with. [2.7]

[00:06:52] Well we’re still seeing that because obviously that’s that’s a fair way off but we’ll have to offer a couple of couple of our turbocharge capacity pope turbo petrol engine and of course later on next year a two litre a two litre for for the jgr close range. [14.9]

[00:07:08] That’s going to be fantastic from the illustrations I’ve seen it looks like there’s the availability of a virtual cockpit. [6.7]

[00:07:14] We’re certainly looking at that. I mean it’s such a great asset. I have a demo drive car at the moment so I’ve got to say it’s kind of hard to go back in old fashioned dashboard if you’ve had it here and behind the wheel we’re big believers in the act of safety features in cars and by the look of things. [16.4]

[00:07:31] This one will have automatic emergency braking and so on as well. Certainly that seems to be the case overseas. [6.2]

[00:07:38] Safety is not a negotiating indeed it just can’t be these days. I mean long gone are those days when such things were optional. I think moreover that some of the systems you mentioned are going to look to segway into broader Volkswagen range just as much as is befitting of our self-proclaimed stature as premium for the people excellence. Now obviously when it comes to Polo we were very big fans of the outgoing polo GTA after. [27.1]

[00:08:05] To car that is a great car. Now the new one you’re only human. When the new when it comes it’s going to be closer to the golf g.t. I almost would power outputs of 147 kilowatts which is what we saw standard in the Gulf on a couple of years ago Mach 5 golf which was the one which is a real game changer. [19.4]

[00:08:25] I think it’s fair to say it was it was really the one that was brought back to the hot hatch and restored the DVR to the lustre that it hadn’t had for some time. Yeah definitely. It actually matches the power output 147 kilowatts and it has a two litre Turbo for now so it’s the biggest most powerful engine ever in Apollo design. There’s very much very much in the vein. [20.5]

[00:08:47] As I said on the game changing five exline Obviously depaolo with all this new high tensile steel and sort of production techniques are probably likely to be considerably lighter cartoon than the Golf five year. [11.8]

[00:08:59] This is the incredible thing about the piece back in the thing. [2.4]

[00:09:02] The thing about Apollo having grown in size the necessity to be have a tiny car to say weight has actually been transcended by in Cuba and these lightweight material. You don’t have to be small to be a city car to save fuel anymore. I mean we’ve seen that situation where petrol engines have matched the efficiency of diesel engines in small capacity engines in small capacity formats equally. Now we have a much bigger car which is lighter and more fuel efficient than the traditional light companies the traditional city car. Well the urban scrap that you know really only countenance driving to the supermarket. [36.1]

[00:09:39] Fair enough. Well look it’s exciting. I know obviously it’s going to hit European roads before it hits Australian roads. But what sort of time on are you looking at to see it here. [11.0]

[00:09:51] We hope to have it here by the end of March. The first couple of iterations we’re going to do a big addition which has a 300. I believe the centre what sound system courtesy of Dr. Dre will probably mean more to our children than to the first edition of that we did quite well. And then and then the much anticipated g.i. comes probably early in the quarter three. [24.8]

[00:10:17] Well some exciting times ahead for Volkswagen of course before we see the piler we’ve got. But golf’s seven point five and a very sophisticated classy looking vehicle called the Arti on to our site at our design team. [12.1]

[00:10:29] Absolutely I mean and the art and there is a fully fledged prestige car. So it’s a real the past for us too. It’s a fastback Although although one of our history buffs that I pointed out. The original That was also a farce. [12.1]

[00:10:42] So in a sense I suppose it’s kind of honing into its heritage. On I am pleased. I’d forgotten all about. Yes. They were great so sort of back to the future. [9.7]

[00:10:52] Yeah. Me and it’s a new design it’s a new direction. It’s quite substantial car. It’s a real grand tour which is why we as I speak you know we’re in Tasmania painting the reconnaissance for it on beautiful Tasmania road. [14.1]

[00:11:07] If you want a great place and lovely lovely having to drive a car like that even if at times the phone reception doesn’t always kick in but hey that’s fine because who needs it when you’re in a car like that. [11.0]

[00:11:19] Quite right quite right. Excellent. Paul as always great to talk to you. And looking forward to some exciting times ahead for Volkswagen. Absolutely pleasure gents. [7.3]

[00:11:27] Yes indeed. And motoring starts. Well I started thinking about it I reckon when I was about four maybe eight eight maybe younger but gosh I was you’re much younger than that by about 2 I think I had my first pedal car and that was my shoulder ever about eight. I was sort of starting to do the finances and saying you know how much money do I have to save every week and my pocket money so I could buy a car. But what I didn’t have back then all those years ago was the fabulous information you get from someone like the racq who goes through when they get super accountants out crunch numbers and figure out what the cheapest most expensive cars to own and run importantly and run. [39.5]

[00:12:07] And they do it every year and they’re back again at it for 2017. And with all the details it is our old mate Steve Spaulding from the racq GOOD. Steve how are you going. [8.3]

[00:12:15] Hello guys. Great to talk to you Steve. Tell us how you assess the the economic output of a car or import. Whatever the word is. [7.8]

[00:12:23] Well firstly we look at all of those running costs that go into owning and operating a motor vehicle. Many people just wouldn’t really appreciate just how many costs there are we all think fuel prices because we drive past this survey every day. But when you think about the costs of servicing tyres insurance and particularly depreciation those costs really add up now depreciation is one that everybody overlooks. [26.2]

[00:12:50] I don’t think other than new steel overheard anyone even mention it. How do you go about calculating depreciation and what does it really mean. [7.3]

[00:12:57] What depreciation is the difference between the price you pay for that vehicle and that trade in price when it comes to selling. [7.1]

[00:13:05] And nearly everybody grumbles about that price when they know who they are or they’re hoping they’re going to get a good price for the car. But often they’re really quite disappointed. So what we’re saying is we consider that is a large cost of ownership and can typically be in a 35 to 40 percent range. So all of the cost. So if you’re an if even at the cheapest going to the market if you if your costs are around 100 dollars per week per say this is a scenario that’s still a large chunk of money that is lost in the appreciation. Yes all up 35 40 bucks a week out of that hundred is going towards depreciation and it can be a lot more in terms of real dollar terms with those more expensive course. So the more of the more expensive the vehicle is to buy. Yeah of course you have to allow for the interest payment on that initial purchase price but also as I say the preshow film can be very high. [56.7]

[00:14:02] So Steve how would the average car buyer find out what the likely depreciation is. [5.7]

[00:14:08] Well I think the running costs certainly is a good guide. Someone that wants to really do their homework. They can look at price guys that are available on the web or they can talk to their local Motoring Club and get a more detailed breakdown. But I think it really is just about being aware of all the costs involved. So everyone thinks about their budget when they’re out shopping for a car. But what we’re saying to them is also think about those ongoing costs because a critical family car that would be in the range of say 220 per week. That is that amount of money every week over a five year period. [38.5]

[00:14:47] It’s a lot of cash at the end of the day. Now obviously your accountants and the boffins at the racq have done the numbers for the cars available in 2017. How do we stack up what is the cheapest car. [10.4]

[00:14:58] Well the truth is car for the second year running was to increase sellery and that comes one under one hundred dollars a week which is a great result because I can think back to five or more years ago where the car you know the previous model car was really struggling to break through that 100 mark. So manufacturers have done a lot of work on pricing and interests in the off the 20 categories. This year we saw all 10 of them are repeat winners from 2016 which is a great result. [30.9]

[00:15:29] So we’re fun to sell Oreo is two vegetable orientated for some folks out there. What are some of the like vegetable salts doesn’t do so well Suzuki will be. [10.5]

[00:15:40] Pleased with themselves. They’ve had three vehicles that have made it into the cheapest category this year the new SWIFT which is you know is a brand new vehicle for 2017. Just come on the market. Yeah that’s what that was the light category winner. Annual costs of around five thousand seven hundred fifty which is not too much dearer than the five thousand sixty six for the for its smaller model the seller REO also has a zuki saw the car come in at seven thousand six hundred for the cheapest small SUV and Commodore again. Great result from their Commodore unfortunately is in its last year of production. But nevertheless ten thousand six hundred dollars per year around two hundred and sixteen a week a gain. I remember when that car was probably closer to the 250 mark just a few years ago at the other end of the scale. [58.8]

[00:16:39] Steve do you know what the most expensive ones are to own and run. [3.5]

[00:16:43] Well the prestige in premium cars they’re are always going to be in the category and I think most people would expect that. We looked at the Tesla Model X. This year that came in at twenty five thousand one hundred forty dollars per year. I own and operate which is certainly a very large cost and I think it shows it is a car that will appeal to enthusiasts. We notice when highbridge first came onto the market some 10 years ago that they tended to track the same way where their high purchase price those depreciation costs were really did Knockaround their total ownership costs. We can see savings easily of a hundred dollars a week. By doing that really smart shopping our advice is always as you get down to the sharp end of buying a car to get into the dealerships. Look over the cars. Ask all those probing and detailed questions and importantly make sure you drive the car so it’s not just that it will stick and suit your needs but it will fit you as a driver and you’re comfortable in that vehicle. [1:06.5]

[00:17:50] Sound advice as always Steve and thank you for ruining the Tesla Model S for us. [4.7]

[00:17:54] We’ve just reviewed it a week. I’ve been raving about it. Now you tell us 25 grand a year to run. Okay. We’ve come back to Earth Steve spalling of course all that information about your website your racq dot com dot you. [12.2]

[00:18:07] Thank you. Thanks. [1.4]

[00:18:14] So from the racq list of the cheapest cars you can buy in the country are a guy who I know looks very good in a Suzuki sellery so I know it’s one of his favourites even bought a special t-shirt when he got to drive. Yeah yeah I remember that. It is Simon lie. Hi Simon. I guy I know you’re afraid of the celery everything kind of vegetable based. You’re right you’re sort of into that. [22.3]

[00:18:37] Yeah I got to help out. [1.2]

[00:18:41] Now you of course have been driving around in a a disguised Mercedes Benz I believe. [6.3]

[00:18:48] Yeah. Putting it in the queue. It was the GOP version and I love it. Well you know what I feel about contact as you know a really strange category. But after a week of driving there I found that it really grew on me that I wasn’t expecting. [18.4]

[00:19:07] Yeah. Look it’s a car that we did experience like last year and I must say I think both Pete you and I came away from it thinking this is actually a quite a stylish little car and it is quite a unique level offering. [11.0]

[00:19:18] Yes I agree with that it was it was lovely actually. [3.0]

[00:19:21] It really has like a nice view from the outside but again very strange. I had all the dimensions of a car but it’s a little bit like a sedan a little bit. Higher. And inside the taverns it is much like a small hatchback. But it still is a bit longer. You know it’s it’s almost an SUV really. [25.8]

[00:19:47] Now I’m I need to explain my reference to Mercedes Benz earlier. They of course have done a bit of an agreement with Nissan who of course own infinity for some sort of sharing and you know parties exchanges and those sorts of things. So essentially the Infinity Q Thirty and the Q x 30 are a Mercedes Benz a class and Mercedes Benz GLR. In disguise it’s quite dumb. So the switchgear is identical. Know the font they use on the speedo is identical to what you’d seen a merc. [28.1]

[00:20:16] That’s right. And in return I gather Mercedes Benz is getting help with you with the development of the twin cab use and so on. [7.2]

[00:20:23] Another noticeable thing I noticed were the parking brake light on the stadium on the on the right hand side but it went really well. [9.0]

[00:20:32] Yeah. Now I’m. Do you think that the Infiniti is car worth buying over the equivalent Mercedes. [5.8]

[00:20:39] I would give it a go. I’m always for supporting something a bit different. And you know you don’t want to be like the crowd. I would say it’s the way to go. I mean got a lot of good points but it really I felt the driver was quite good. It might be quite inspired. The whole was really great acceleration really in your state. But in sport mode you know there’s a lot of power if you really want it on the inside. It’s a bit a little bit flat. I would say it’s classy but the instrument way for example that was a simple one disappointing thing I found was that reverse camera which is great at car I was really expecting really no reverse camera. [43.3]

[00:21:22] Can’t remember when I got my new driver the premium one but this was the GP case. In fact it’s been a little bit of a small fight to now. [8.2]

[00:21:31] OK well it definitely was because we definitely had the premium one so that’s that’s what it is. So the GTA version the cut price version what sort of price. [7.3]

[00:21:39] Yeah I really can’t try it. It comes at about forty nine grand and then the premium. It’s 57 so you know it’s up there. [7.8]

[00:21:47] Yeah OK. And because she is I suppose is how are they selling. Because apart from the press car that I drive I don’t think I’ve seen another on the road. [6.7]

[00:21:54] I don’t think I haven’t noticed any at all. [2.5]

[00:21:57] Well look I’ve been I suppose for someone who wants to be a little bit different doesn’t wanna follow the pack. We know with good quality engineering behind it it’s a good looking little unit made in England to assemble in England. [10.4]

[00:22:07] Well the product of Germany and and Japan in its thinking and I suppose France you know matheson is made in England so it’s truly multicultural international. [13.1]

[00:22:21] Yeah Italy is eggs of all. Of course. Look forward to reading your review in full at the Web site behind the wheel. Dot com got you some online as always man. Thanks mate. [8.6]

[00:22:30] Oh it is indeed. And we’re going to fly to the interior of a car that literally has just been released to the Australian public. Inside that car it’s the one and only Joel Helms get a jolt. [12.0]

[00:22:42] Hello there gentlemen. Always good to talk to you Joe. Tell us what each car you’re in and how is it. [6.1]

[00:22:49] What’s it like the new Subaru it would be of course built on the same platform as the new Subaru impreza. It’s not revolutionarily contradiction it’s 90. Apparently according to Subaru it’s 95 percent to be old but it might be impressive. [17.9]

[00:23:07] You wouldn’t know it if you look at it only a very trained eye would really be able to tell. I think a little bit. [6.1]

[00:23:13] We like the impression which we spoke about when it was launched around Christmas time you know a lot to like about it. Probably let down a little bit by a lack of power and CBT transmission. [11.2]

[00:23:25] Now of course the suvari X XIV is kinda Well it’s sort of the SUV crossover type thing from Subaru isn’t it sort of it is a jacked up impressor essentially. [7.9]

[00:23:34] Yeah that is exactly what it is you’re talking about. [2.1]

[00:23:36] Two hundred and twenty millimetres of ground clearance which is pretty reasonable dripping tyres beefed up suspension as well. Feels pretty firm on the road. Nice steering a little bit of road ability it’s got a new system called X mode which works at low speed and it changes things like the front limited slip operates and gives you more power when required and also it dials back the power as well. When you’re on a slippery surface you know actually you don’t. So for example if you’re driving up a slippery driveway or something like that with gravel it doesn’t give you all the full power as normal it dials it back. So you a bit more grit. So you know it’s equivalent to I suppose imagine a six story Mitsubishi asx in that class and that sort of ability speech. [46.4]

[00:24:23] Yeah indeed. And then God forbid you got all those 115 kilowatts at once to do it. [4.8]

[00:24:29] And of course the cvt i’ll make sure of that. So House fit finish. How does it look. [5.8]

[00:24:35] You didn’t finish is absolutely above reproach. That Subaru makes a quality vehicle. No doubt about that. There’s not a rattle or a creek. All the materials inside the cabin feel really nice nice soft armrests the infotainment system is a winner. And of course you still got the volume and the the tune button there which we like Can we talk about a lot about about that disappearing but I actually like having them there. [23.7]

[00:24:59] So no real mountains yet climate control system is easy. [3.7]

[00:25:03] The gauges are nice to nice digital driver info screens. Lovely leather steering wheel nice comfortable seats and the fit and finish on the outside just as impressive So it’s a quality car. Yeah just comes back probably just to those three things. The rides are a bit firm and the engines are a bit underdone and the cvt just takes a little bit of enjoyment out of and no other engines that you could change or choose from an options list. [24.5]

[00:25:28] That’s it. The one and only. [1.6]

[00:25:30] Yep right across the line up which is four different model grades starting at 27 990 all powered by the same engine and transmission etc. etc.. [7.9]

[00:25:38] XM seems to be pretty good value. There is not an any sort of additional space in there either is there. [5.5]

[00:25:44] Over and above the impreza is there. There is a little bit more cargo space and in this new generation model you do have. Well for example an extra 100 millimetres of entry space into the into the cargo area from the rear. Which is handy. It’s got a good sized boot. I guess I have leg room. Front back is quite good as well headroom. Good so look I think it’s going to be a commercial success. No doubt about that and I wouldn’t say not to buy. But if you’re not a big fan of the CV then you may feel just let down that little bit. [31.8]

[00:26:16] Fair enough. Another car I know you were at the launch of your preparing to go last week when we spoke to you the whole an asteroid a sedan. How did that sort of shape up. [8.4]

[00:26:25] Yeah it really impressed with the Astra sedan different to the the hatch in a lot of ways very different to look at built on a different platform. It’s out of South Korea where the hatches out of Poland. The same one point for litre engine which gets along really well. And I think probably the big talking point from the Astra sedan is that the local churning like the spa. They’ve done a really good job of just getting it handling well. Steering is really well the ride is really well really well sorted as well. And the big difference between the two. Other than the looks and obviously the different body shape. Is it it’s aimed at a more discerning slightly more senior buyer of the hatches. The sporty offering the sedan considered more for those who may have children who have grown up and left home if you know what I mean. [49.7]

[00:27:15] All right. Again that’s code for people who are north of 50. [5.4]

[00:27:23] So I think your traditional Corolla sedan or perhaps as that very and by how much to get into the Astra sedan the astro sedan pricing it starts just over twenty one thousand dollars. [13.3]

[00:27:36] That’s pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. And some stiff competition though. And in relation to that competition say the Mazda 3 sedan or the Volkswagen Jetta. How does it stack up there like as it sort of. Is it up in the upper echelons. [13.7]

[00:27:50] I should say there are five year 130 K warranty on the extras. I would I would say that there would be no good reason. Probably the only thing that let’s sit down the Astra sedan is the interior. It is a little bit like some of the South Korean products that we’ve seen from GM in the last decade. It’s just in a few places it’s just not up to scratch it’s a lot. Then things like the Malibu and the epica and the Cup fever that have gone before it good just like it’s not terrible. But this is good that’s what I feel about it. It’s a little bit disappointing and probably a rung or two below them as the. But in terms of driving dynamics is a very very good and I really like that little turbo charged one point for engines. So if you’re asking me to rank them as the three on top if you’re if you’re not looking for a sporting driver although I think it is the driver’s car as an all rounder I think the most the three is hard to beat. Of course we got the new golf coming out. There’s an array of good small car would be best to check the website for you know for all the details and all the different reviews because every single one of them has got a different quirky a different personality or a different cluster of different minds. [1:10.0]

[00:29:01] Excellent. And you can read about those right now at behind the wheel dot com. You enjoy the hospitality of Subaru are they turning it on for you at the Australian launch. [7.7]

[00:29:09] Yeah we’ve been in the snowy mountains it’s minus 8 this morning because of my a lot of blanket out of a cupboard and a good excuse to drink schnapps when you get back to the hotel. Well maybe Joel will talk to you next week. Thanks man. Thank you guys. [15.2]

[00:29:26] Behind the wheel knees. [1.3]

[00:29:29] We’ll tell you another big week in the world of motoring and excited to bring news on the highly anticipated keep us dinger. [9.1]

[00:29:38] It’s in the final stages of testing and Kir has announced the sports car will definitely go on sale around the world at the end of this year. Of course the key testing of feet is a big rear wheel drive sedan likely I think in this country at least to take the place of the Commodore Commodore Falcon. It’s going to have three engines on offer. Standard two litre petrol Turbo two point to that a turbo diesel and the one that I want three point three lead at Twin Turbo v 6. It’s the fastest Kia ever capable of 270 kilometres an hour and it’s going to spit out 100 K an hour in just on four point nine seconds. [35.7]

[00:30:14] It’s exciting stuff and it’s got to have a key about John couple and there’s another new performance car option available in the Audi range Audi Australia launching the new Audi RSA three sedan. Now the 2018 Audi r.d. 3 sedan carries a starting price of 84000 900. It’s powered by it is impressive to ninety four kilowatt for 80 neutron meters 2.5 litre five cylinder engine. The Audi s three sedan boasts 0 to 100 kilometres an hour Sprint time of four point one seconds. [31.1]

[00:30:45] That’s in my territory a luling now wagon versions of luxury cars can be quite a profitable exercise for car manufacturers. We need to do is ask people like BMW Mercedes have been doing it for years. Jaguar now on the bandwagon with the wagon version of the Jaguar X f just been released in all its glory in the UK. The vehicle will be known as the Jaguar X f sports break and we can expect it see it here later this year. [24.6]

[00:31:10] The BMW range is set to welcome the new BMW 6 series grand juries in 2018 just unveiled by BMW head office in Munich. The BMW 6 series grand tour is Mo is an evolution of the previous BMW 5 Series grand juries Mo. [16.5]

[00:31:27] You’re following a hard. Am one of the three series. Grandeur is. Earlier this year and I liked it very much. We kind of both agreed that it looked a little odd. [9.5]

[00:31:37] Yes we get into it but at first I thought it looked a little bulbous. But then again who am I to talk. And you get into it and you forget about that. No way you go it’s a really good car. [9.8]

[00:31:47] You’ve got all this extra leg room all this extra car. Great car so I look forward to the series. And after years of flat and somewhat boring paint colours every second car in the last few years as they should have been silver silver white. Yeah well it looks like tastes are changing and leading automotive paint supplier basf coatings has just released its annual colour trends report. They’re the guys that kind of advise the manufacturers on what colours they should paint their car. And it turns out blue is in favour for 2017. [30.8]

[00:32:18] Well we’ll have to wait for that one. While only the stuff of sci fi fantasies we’re told flying cars will be the next natural progression for automobiles. As we leave our terrestrial confines. You’re right. I’m afraid on this one. Now ever we’ll see prototypes of these flying vehicles will be previewed at the intelligent mobility industry event in London on the 29th of June. [22.1]

[00:32:40] That’s right. Excellent. And I know maybe well the terrafugia will hang the Kitty Hawk. Yeah all going to be there. [9.3]

[00:32:50] And there’s a mob called frostin Sullivan. They’re a partnership and it sounds like a hedge fund to me. They seem to think that 10 years time we’ll see companies offering cars that fly on the road. [13.5]

[00:33:03] Yeah. Right. Well we’ve seen how people drive on the roads. How about if you add in trees power lines other cars in the air. You see it sorry can’t see it. But anyway let’s wait and see. Good boy. For more news behind the wheel what Condit has been shown this week. [17.3]

[00:33:22] We’ve covered Volkswagen Polo. What did he. [2.9]

[00:33:27] Do. We’ve discovered the cheapest car in the country is to run. And now this is the moment I know you’ve been looking forward to. It’s the sort of the lesson on how to become. The foremost expert in. [16.8]

[00:33:44] Being an annoying backseat driver. Oh I think I’ve got the answer for this one. I think I can cut straight to the chase. What are you. Where have you driving and put anybody else in the AM. They will a b.b. DO IT. [11.7]

[00:33:58] Whenever I hear that sound effect of the car racing off into the distance you’re on behind the wheel I think that’s Chris Miller if ever I’ve heard it whether it’s a zuki solaria or whatever it is that’s Miller. I can feel his driving style. [13.3]

[00:34:12] Well actually we recorded that as Rachel franko was belting up the road one day. Surprise surprise here she is so fast. She’s is and she’s also really good at heckerling from a back seat sort of thing. Is it something that you took lessons in racha is that just sort of the natural things. I’d [19.6]

[00:34:31] like to defend myself at this point and say I’m actually not the backseat driver but I’m literally surrounded by about a thousand of them. I [8.3]

[00:34:40] think it happens to us all from time to time especially. What do you think it would would one of the most annoying ones be people who put their foot on the brake and just cede when there isn’t a break there. What [11.8]

[00:34:52] if it does my head in. That is probably one of my biggest bugbear is when people drive from the front passenger seat they can accelerate and do that. [10.9]

[00:35:04] And I think you’re going to hit something in front of you and that is very annoying. Other really annoying thing is my mom does it all the time and she’ll do it either very overtly or it’s sort of that that’s subtle passive aggressive thing where silly silly to say I don’t go this way I can like being gay this way going the wrong way. [18.2]

[00:35:23] She’ll say Oh oh you’re going this way I’m a gay athlete. [6.8]

[00:35:30] I’ve actually stopped the car. Mike would you like to drive all that serious in the way that I. We do a bit of that pedal No it’s fine. You want to go play right. [11.5]

[00:35:41] I once had a relative from interstate and I I had to learn the lesson that whenever she came to visit and she was in the passenger seat she would sit under certain circumstances reach for the you know if you find yourself doing a sort of unintended handbrake Yeah. [21.3]

[00:36:05] It is interesting. Yeah it’s just a bit of unintentional through a city. Sorry. Yeah. You go potty. [8.8]

[00:36:13] I always find the best way because I’ve got a couple of family members who have in the past contributed sort of you know sort of observations about my driving and things like that. [10.6]

[00:36:24] And then after a few kind of you know exchanges those contributions tend to well not be vocal so much bird apparent in the whiteness of their knuckles that they handle and they don’t realize it makes you go faster. [17.6]

[00:36:42] Oh right here. Is that the feeling. We went back to see drivers. I’m in the studio at the moment. His name is Chris Miller. There have been times in the past to been friends. And I think even his partner I think she may have at one stage be what he took his slow steady old style to like he was a bit of a critique from the back. [29.1]

[00:37:12] I’m not a very good passenger. I don’t like being a passenger in any car and I’d much rather be in control and sometimes I just can’t help myself. But what I have learned to do though over the years is after maybe one or four refreshing beers and you being driven home. [15.1]

[00:37:28] I’ve learned the lesson never to contribute tips and driving styles because you could find yourself having a very long walk even though you might be there. Mary that’ll save you up to like that. Yeah. Come back to reality so. So that’s a tip for any young player. If you are being driven home and you’re not the designated driver. Yeah keep your mouth open mouth shut. [27.0]

[00:37:55] And the funny thing is I’m not sure that you’ve been able to drive too much with Mila but I have from on occasion from time to time with me doing the driving and him sitting in her passenger seat. I might add I ache but I hate driving with men are in the passenger seat because I think I’m not going fast enough. Oh look doing this probably going to think you didn’t get that right you didn’t get along right. [21.0]

[00:38:19] You’re a guy. [0.8]

[00:38:20] Every time you’re driving some like that it’s literally like your back being 18 again. I don’t to hurt you go too far down. Why did you do that. You just drive me insane. [13.0]

[00:38:34] Man my dear sister after she had got her licence the very first time driving home with her new licence and she was in Sydney. I think up the Pacific Highway she had a right hand turn to make. She was in the right hand turn lane. She got the arrow. There was a red light for for the rest of the traffic. But she was allowed to turn right as she did so my mother and stepfather who were in the car with her scribbled down. [25.0]

[00:39:01] She was so it was sense because I’ve got an arrow she said got round the corner and said All right you drive. [6.1]

[00:39:11] I must admit I’ve I have been known on a couple of occasions to when I felt that the driver that I’m with hasn’t sort of reacted to a situation properly that I have leaned over and put my hand on the wall and a great Rachel. [17.6]

[00:39:29] That’s what’s allowed me to keep my mouth shut. [4.3]

[00:39:33] And I just sit there and you know enjoy the ride and you know the thing is you can’t even do it discreetly because I did try the other day to suggest that the brake pads Mike might be a little worn or helmet on the normal and perhaps we should start applying the brakes a little earlier than the actual corner. [24.7]

[00:39:59] That didn’t go down well. Did you have to walk over them. No I think I have your back pedal. I have back pedal. Yeah. You know we’re just talking about the car service and what was the response. What was the response. [17.0]

[00:40:16] You know I would quickly change the subject. When we bring our Mike it’s hard to break. That’s it. That’s when you bring the children in the backseat into the conversation to get ice cream or something just change of topic altogether. Rachel as always thank you for the entertainment it’s been great to talk to you. I do promise if I ever go driving with you I will keep my mouth shut. [18.8]

[00:40:35] That’s all right. I’ll put a cone of silence over you. We’ll be right back. [5.2]

[00:40:47] Time for a quick product review. And if you ask any tradespersons doctor or even professional car detailer we’re sure they’ll tell you the same thing. You need the right tool for the job because it makes all the difference. So the question is why are you still using a basic old sponge to wash your car when you can get the car smart car wash mop. It’s made from super soft 100 percent cotton fibre the wash mop wraps around all shapes and that means it can get on to or get into all those nooks and crannies that you normal sponge just doesn’t cut the mustard for the cast Mark car wash mop won’t scratch your paint work. That makes washing easy and fast. Kind of looks right too. And for five dollars 99. How could you go wrong. Buy it now at the website. All tricks dot com. [44.6]

[00:41:38] It’s been a big show but we do want to touch on the Tesla model ex one more time before we leave you for another week because it really is an astounding car. Yes. As we said Steve Spalding cost 25 grand. [12.2]

[00:41:51] You got to run. [1.7]

[00:41:54] And I think that a lot of that is obviously depreciation. It’s certainly not fuel cost because you don’t put petrol in anything you don’t. I think after spending a few days with the car that is essentially 300 and 1000 dollars that what we were given a glimpse to is is the future. Just to remind reminder though if you do get an opportunity to drive an electric car go do it because it really does open your eyes as to how fantastic they are to drive. Everyone I’ve spoken to assumes it’s going to be like a more powerful golf cart but it couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a smooth refined well designed and I got fast fast. Did you hit the ludicrous button. [39.0]

[00:42:33] Well yes. I found even in regular driving mode It was an incredibly fast handled brilliantly even though it’s a very big car. Year I handled perfectly and I love the design features of it. It’s got this great big sort of bubble wrap around sunroof that starts in the windscreen and goes just straight back over your head in the right seats. Yep and yep there are nice little fold down sunscreens sunshades and they just absolutely perfectly positioned to shield you from the sun even though you’ve got this vast expanse of glass above your head. Yeah it’s just really beautifully designed it’s it’s it’s it’s a tour de force of technology and of the driving future the Gullwing doors of course have cameras in them so that when I say Gullwing correct me for when he come along and wink. C’mon Peter get with the action. But they’ve got little cameras in them to make sure that they don’t bump anybody on the head when they’re closing and all the work that I had it. Well that was that might have been because somebody was in the passenger’s seat and being driven home by their other sort of got out of the passengers. [1:09.0]

[00:43:42] A little alarmed. I believe that is the truth. What actually did she say to you at the time. Did she have sympathy or did you get. Oh yeah. [13.4]

[00:43:57] But look this is a terrific car. It’s well worth a drive. And the thing is even hybrids these days have come a long way yet so. So if you’re not quite you know if you think it’s a long long long way off an electric car that does everything and be you know nearly autonomous. Well I don’t think it’s quite that far away. [21.1]

[00:44:18] Some people are imagining you’re right get a look at one if you can. We’ve got to go now we’re out of time. Next week we’re going to talk about another kind of electric vehicle hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander. That’s well a considerably less cost to add 50000. It’s close to three years so it’s about a sixth of the price. And I tell you what it’s a repo car I really like this car. [20.6]

[00:44:38] This Mitsubishi really good. [1.8]

[00:44:41] It’s the the yeah. And it sounds like something you order in a restaurant I have a bowl of that. And then up actually it’s Petrel hybrid electric vehicle. It’s the Outlander and I say it’s very good looking forward to talking more about it next week behind the wheel. [19.7]


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