Behind the Wheel Podcast 450

Behind the Wheel Podcast 450

Chris, Pete and the team with our 450th podcast!

The 450th edition of the Behind the Wheel Podcast is a great excuse to jam even more into the show than usual!

Gary Linnell, Sydney Morning Herald and Age columnist, has issued an apology to Elon Musk – we’ll find out what Gary’s apology is all about and why he can’t wait for an autonomous vehicle to hit the road.

And talking Elon Musk, Simon Lai has been driving the Tesla Model X – he even bought a new shirt in the same colour as the car for the occasion!

He’ll share his opinion with Pete and Chris on whether this lightning fast SUV is easy to live with.

Have you been stung by an exorbitant invoice fee for using a Toll Road? Effie Zhaos from Money Magazine has, and has some strong thoughts on the issue.

Want to be a race car driver but can’t afford it? We may have found the answer thanks to a group of blokes running the Aussie Driver Search – we’ll tell you how you can get behind the wheel of a real live race car.

Rachel Franco has been bitten by new car technology. You’ll be staggered at how such a simple thing can very quickly become exceedingly inconvenient.

There’s a review of the Audi Q2, a car we’ll be seeing everywhere really soon, and there’s a big helping of the latest news from the motoring world.

All that and loads more on the 450th Edition of Behind the Wheel

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