Behind the Wheel Podcast 449

Behind the Wheel Podcast 449

Pete, Chris and the team are back for another podcast…

This week on Behind the Wheel we’re shining a spotlight on older cars after some pretty eye opening results from some ANCAP testing.

CEO of ANCAP, James Goodwin joins Pete and Chris with all the details.

Mazda continue the refresh of their SUV’s – after the release of our 2016 Car of the Year the CX-9 and the all new CX-5, now it’s the turn of the CX-3.

Tony Mee from Mazda has all the info, and Simon Lai will give us his thoughts on what it’s like to drive on Australian roads.

BMW has released a teaser image of a new 8 Series, Lenore Fletcher will tell us what it is all about, and she’s got details on the updated 1 and 2 Series BMW’s.

Rachel Franco is back to talk car accessories throughout the ages – she’s been inspired by some venetian blinds she spotted on the back window of a Valiant through the week…

We’ve got a review of a $308,000 Jaguar – is it worth the money?

Joel Helmes has some interesting ideas on Cruise Control – and he’s been driving a very flash BMW – the 750Li.

At the opposite end of the scale, he’s also had the keys to the new Honda Civic hatch.

Lots of news around this week, and lots of laughs as well – don’t miss this edition of the Behind the Wheel Podcast…

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