Behind the Wheel Podcast 444

Behind the Wheel Podcast 444

Chris, Pete and the team are ready to go for podcast 444…

It’s a high powered, Easter edition of Behind the Wheel this week – expect it to be north of 400kW all show!

We delve into the details of a 527kW Jeep – and it’s got more than 800Nm of torque. Glenn Butler from Jeep Australia has all the details.

Not to be outdone, Mercedes-Benz unleashed the monster that is the E63 S – capable of 300km/h.

David McCarthy from Mercedes-Benz calls in with details – and we’ll once and for all figure out what makes an AMG an AMG.

Pete and Chris have been lucky enough to be driving an AMG this week – the barnstorming C43 – they are both a little more than taken with the new V6 Twin Turbo.

Joel Helmes has been doing it tough in the latest version of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, and he got along to the Australian launch of the updated, and possibly best in class, Mazda2.

Then there’s the gems thrown up for – the guys discover some amazingly good value cars.

Rachel Franco has some ideas on keeping kids from getting car sick.

We’ve got news on new versions of the Toyota LandCruiser, Subaru Outback and all the latest details on the new car sales race in March – turns out the some of the best-selling cars in the country aren’t cars at all.

And, because it’s the Easter edition of Behind the Wheel, we finally reveal the identity of the Easter Bunny – it’ll frighten you!

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