Behind the Wheel Podcast 434

Behind the Wheel Podcast 434

Shock and controversy with Peter Hitchener and Chris Miller on this week’s Behind the Wheel Podcast.

Australia’s biggest selling sports car, the Ford Mustang, this week received a two-star safety rating from ANCAP – James Goodwin, CEO of ANCAP shares the reasons why the Mustang scored so badly.

One of the most exciting Alfa Romeo‘s ever is about to land in Australia. Glenn Butler from Alfa Romeo calls in with some details on the new Giulia.

Simon Lai is along with his thoughts on the Hyundai Elantra SR – that’s the fast one.

Joel Helmes has been at the launch of the new hardtop Mazda MX-5 RF – and he’s been driving a flash Peugeot 508 GT – a car that could end up being the last full-size station wagon available in Australia.

Rachel Franco is back from some exotic sojourn. Expect many pearls of wisdom…and a lesson in Lego!

Of course, there’s all the latest car news from right around the globe and loads of laughs along the way.

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