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Auto Beverage Car Cup Holder Review

Auto Beverage Car Cup Holder Review

Joel Helmes reviews a budget-priced car cup holder.

Auto Beverage Car Cup Holder Review
Auto Beverage Car Cup Holder Review.

Car cup holders are pretty much a standard addition in the new cars of today, but if you have an older model you may not have somewhere to hold your drink when you are on the go.

Rear seat passengers are also often overlooked, even in modern cars, when it comes to beverage storage areas.

But, just because your car may not have come standard with them, you don’t have to be without cup holders.

There are a number of different styles and brands of after-market cup holders and I selected about the cheapest possible option – Dats brand Auto Beverage Car Cup Holders that carried a price tag of just $2, and that’s for the pair!

A simple design with two fold out pieces, with the window down the cup holder slides simply in between your window glass and the rubber seal.

Auto Beverage Car Cup Holder Review
What was immediately obvious though was that the chunky doors of the Nissan Juke that I trialled the cup holders in affected the way the cup holders sat.
Auto Beverage Car Cup Holder Review
The cup holder fits cans and most small bottles sizes.
Auto Beverage Car Cup Holder Review
I found the cup holder to be quite intrusive.
Auto Beverage Car Cup Holder Review
If you wind the window all the way down the cup holder will pop out!

Verdict: For $2 for a pair you can’t really be too hard on this product. A handy modification you could make would be to glue the support ring and base in place, this would make the cup holders much less fiddly.

The best application for these cup holders would be on the passenger and rear seat doors rather than near the driver.

Overall however, especially given the low purchase price, I was moderately impressed.

Joel Helmes

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