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Audi TT could become an off-roader

Audi TT could become an off-roader
Audi TT could become an off-roader

Reports say off-road version of Audi TT will happen.

Audi TT could become an off-roader
Audi TT could become an off-roader – the Audi TT Offroad Concept shows a possible styling direction for the all-roads TT.

The new 2015 Audi TT is on the way and there are hopes the new model might strike a more masculine pose than models gone by (check out pricing and specification details).

Beefing-up the Audi TT could however be about to go to an extreme new level with reports Audi is seriously considering building an off-road version of the sporty two-door coupe and convertible, possibly called the TTQ.

Audi released a couple of concept vehicles last year, including the Audi TT Offroad at the Beijing Motor Show, and it looks as though there’s been enough public interest to get Audi to commit to building an all-road Audi TT by 2017.

Car Magazine in the UK is today quoting an unnamed senior Audi manager who believes the all-road TT is about to become a reality.

“We have no choice but to make a virtue out of necessity,”

“By taking the TTQ route, we avoid the confrontation with Fiat, we don’t overcrowd the Q corral, and we add a fresh twist to the TT theme.”

We will keep you updated on developments, we are also following reports the Audi TT could stretch to a five-door offering in the future.

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