ATA maintains calls for mandatory stability control

Trucking Association says ESC will save lives on Australian roads…

ATA maintains calls for mandatory stability control

An official from the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has told a timber logistics/harvesting conference that the federal government needs to move now to mandate Electronic Stability Control.

The Senior Engineering Advisor for the ATA, Chris Lodge, told delegates at the conference in Melbourne that new trucks and trailers should have to have the safety system fitted by law.

“ESC is a superior vehicle safety system that detects the stability and sideways acceleration of a heavy vehicle, and automatically activates to slow the vehicle down if it senses risk of a rollover.

“The Australian Government must mandate the use of ESC in new models of trucks and trailers as it is the key to reducing crashes and improving safety in the trucking industry.”

The ATA has been calling on the government to act, sighting Monash University Accident Research Centre data that shows the mandated use of ESC in heavy vehicles could reduce fatal heavy vehicle crashes by 4%.

Serious injury crashes involving heavy vehicles could be cut by 7%, according to the research.

“Research-backed data and proof-of-evidence case studies have demonstrated ESC will save lives, and is a real, practical measure to enhance safety of the trucking industry and all Australians.

“While the industry’s safety record has increased substantially, even one accident is too many and mandating ESC is a vital factor if we are to save even more lives in the future.” said Mr Loose.

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