Asian Car Guide launched

asian car guide launched

Asian language car website launched

There’s a new automotive website now serving the needs of the Asian-Australian community with the launch of Asian Car Guide and

A joint venture between leading Asian media auto journalist, William Leong, and Behind the Wheel, Asian Car Guide is designed to help to meet the needs of car buyers and enthusiasts that may not feel entirely comfortable on the ‘mainstream’ auto websites.

With easy to select Asian language tabs, including Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Korean and Bahasa Indonesian, visitors with English as a second language will immediately feel at ease at

William says the website is simple and easy to navigate.

“Sometimes the other websites, especially for people who aren’t fluent in English, might struggle to find the right car news and information that they are looking for.

“With they can easily select their preferred language.

“We hope that the new website really helps the Asian community in Australia.”

Asian Car Guide and Behind the Wheel are members of the Totally Auto Network.

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