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Altrex Rego Plate Locks

Altrex Rego Plate Locks

The Behind the Wheel Product of the Week is Altrex Rego Plate Locks.

Altrex Rego Plate Locks
This week’s Behind the Wheel Product of the Week – Altrex Rego Plate Locks.

Every year in Australia tens of thousands of car license plates are stolen.

In the overwhelming majority of cases thieves steal license plates to install temporarily on either stolen cars, or their own car, so they can commit crimes using your identification.

It would be a horrible feeling knowing your license plates were used in such a manner. You also wouldn’t want the police turning up on your door asking why your license plates were involved in a crime!

If your plates are stolen you also have to go to all the trouble of replacing them, not fun!

Fortunately there is a simple and extremely affordable way to protect your rego plates – Altrex Rego Plates Locks.

We reviewed these patented security fasteners recently and found them really easy to install.

Costing just $6.99 and available to order now in the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store, we believe they are a very worthy Car Product of the Week!

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