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Aerpro USB Car Adaptor Review

Aerpro USB Car Adaptor Review

Joel Helmes looks at three handy USB ports for your car.

Aerpro USB Car Adaptor Review
Aerpro USB Car Adaptor Review.

You’ve got to love smartphones and tablets, the technology is remarkable and they provide us with the opportunity to work and have fun on the go.

But, there is one constraint – battery life. Having charging points in your car is a great idea and allows you to use your tech toys while you’re on the move.

TDJ Australia, who recently sent us a selection of Aerpro phone/GPS holders to review (check them out here), have also supplied us with these single, double and triple USB charger ports to check out, all are suitable for 12V and 24V applications…

Aerpro USB Car Adaptor Review
First up is the single USB device that plugs directly into your power outlet.

The single USB outlet has a RRP of $14.95.

Aerpro USB Car Adaptor Review
With twin USB ports this unit provides a flush fit and is perfect if space is tight.

The dual USB outlet has a RRP of $18.99.

Aerpro USB Car Adaptor Review
This unit should provide more than enough USB ports and comes with handy double-sided tape to secure it to your car.

The three port USB outlet has a RRP of $19.99.

With a solid and well-constructed feel and really good pricing I was impressed by these quite versatile products. My pick is the dual unit due to its flush fit into the power outlet.

Aerpro accessories are available from Masters, Supercheap, Autobarn, Autopro, Repco, Car Audio Masters and independent car audio retailers.

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