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Aerpro Universal Handsfree Review

Simon Lai reviews a universal handsfree unit from Aerpro.

Aerpro Universal Handsfree Review
Aerpro Universal Handsfree Review.

Bluetooth handsfree car kits are usually very easy to use. The Aerpro universal handsfree car kit is no different. Setup and use are simple and straightforward.

Switch on the Bluetooth on your phone, turn on the unit and that’s essentially it. I often have trouble pairing, whether it be between devices or with a car, but eventually there is a connection even if it takes a little time.

On the Aerpro unit, pretty much everything is controlled with the one button. The power button turns the unit on and off and picks up and hangs up on call. The other buttons adjust the volume of the speaker.

However, the quality coming out of the speaker isn’t the best and is a bit scratchy. But that’s to be expected from a small speaker.

The device itself is well designed with a flat shape and buttons that are clear and easy to press. It can be charged in-car and fits neatly on the sun visor thanks to the clip provided.

All in all an easy to use, light, good looking and most importantly safe way to answer calls in cars without connectivity.

The Aerpro handsfree car kit retails for $49.99 and is available from Masters, Supercheap, Autobarn, Autopro, Repco, Car Audio Masters and independent car audio retailers.

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