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3D printed tyre the way of the future

3D printed tyre the way of the future

Michelin unveils sustainable, retreadable tyre…

The advent of 3D printing has been a major advancement opening to the door to creations of all manner and even allowing the Average Joe to manufacturer  what he desires.

Now the technology has migrated to the road and could be driving us into the future.

Michelin has unveiled a new 3D printed concept tyre that is airless, environmentally friendly and retreadable.

The alien looking Vision concept tyre was unveiled at the Movin’ On global sustainable mobility summit in Montréal formerly known as the Bilbendum Challenge.

The Vision is made of biodegradable materials and because it is 3D printed, it means the tread can be reapplied by a printer once it wears out.


This also allows for applying tread to suit driving conditions ie. wet or dry, summer or winter without having to swap out each tyre.

Built-in sensors can also notify you of its condition and even book a retread via a phone app.

Michelin President Jean-Dominique Senard says they are committed to innovating products for sustainable mobility.

“We are a tyre company, but we are also incredibly specialised and knowledgeable in raw materials and their transformation using 3D printing, biomaterial, and recyclable material.”

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