2017 Car Brand Wish-List

2017 car brand wish-list

A look at what we think might be on car company wish-lists…

Managing a car brand and the models within the line-up is something the motoring public doesn’t think too much about.

But it is an extremely complex balancing operation made more complicated by the fact that developing a new model can take up to five years.

Car buying trends come and go and despite the best research sometimes buyers say one thing and then go ahead and buy another.

Factor in other complexities such as what your competition is doing, changes to safety and emissions laws, the introduction of other new technologies etc., it certainly is complex.

Then there’s also having to convince upper management in a foreign country to believe in your vision and be able to supply what you’re asking for.

And if you get it all wrong, and you get a car that doesn’t resonate with the public, well you could be stuck with it for years as well.

So, with all that taken into account, here’s our look at what we reckon are the models/improvements car brands in Australia would love to have at the moment…


The South Korean brand is doing amazing things in Australia at the moment – the glaring omission from the Kia line-up though is a small crossover/SUV beneath the Sportage.


Australians love pick-up trucks and utes and the F-150, a huge seller in North America, could be a very profitable addition to the Ford Australia line-up.

The Ford Escape (re-named Ford Kuga) mid-size SUV is also looking ready for a thorough going-over and the same could be said for the Fiesta and Focus.


A roomy and comfortable seven-seat SUV.

The seven-seat Captiva has been a good-seller, but it’s well and truly dated, while the Trailblazer (the former Colorado 7) is too ‘rough and tough’ for most.

The soon to arrive Astra sedan should help Holden sales though.


Boasting one of the most comprehensive line-ups in the Australian car sales market, Hyundai is about to grow to welcome a crossover/small SUV – the Kona, and it should be a big hit.

We reckon though that Hyundai Australia can’t wait to have the long-promised Hyundai ute available!

Oh, and maybe an exciting Hyundai sports car?


This is a simple one – the team at Honda Australia need a large seven-seat SUV and there’s a really good one in the U.S. – the Honda Pilot (photo above).

Throw in the Ridgeline pick-up (which shares the same platform) and mix that in with the new Civic and soon to arrive new CR-V and local Honda sales would really take off.


Some new products! Sure, we’ve seen the Mirage and the Pajero Sport launch locally in the past five years, but vehicles like the ASX and Outlander, as popular as they are, are starting to look and feel stale.

An all-new Pajero could also significantly lift local Mitsubishi sales in a segment dominated by arch-rival – Toyota’s Prado.


Another simple one – a seven-seat SUV.

Yes, yes, the Tribeca was a failure, but in today’s market a seven-seat family vehicle is a must for a brand like Subaru.


A turbocharged Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ.

Ford continues to dominate the sports car market with the Mustang (despite the two-star safety score!) and we can’t help but think a more exciting drive experience from the BRZ/86 would significantly boost sales for what is an otherwise impressive car.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

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