2016 Jaguar XF Launch Review

2016 Jaguar XF

2016 Jaguar XF Ausralian launch road test and review.

Jaguar has released the second edition of the Jaguar XF Sedan with the aim of being the best in the segment.

There’s more luxury, more power and a more agile chassis. Wrapped in a tailored English suit and oozing cool, there’s no doubt Jaguar has a hit on their hands.

It’s obvious it’s a Jaguar.. with the XF, designer Ian Callum, the man responsible for the drool worthy Aston Martin DB9 and Jaguar’s own F-TYPE, has taken the evolutionary approach to great effect.

It’s modern, athletic and powerful looking, all while retaining an elegant, understated attitude.

2016 Jaguar XFThe aluminium body has shed 190kgs and adopts the exact same front suspension as the F Type roadster, and the XF has an all new rear suspension set-up, that makes the car feel glued to the road.

Hit a big bump in the middle of a corner at speed and the big Jaguar barely bats an eyelid…it’s totally unflappable and a joy to drive.

The drive is very reminiscent of the brilliant, smaller XE sedan, but with a longer wheelbase it’s a little more plush, exactly what you’d want in a premium executive sedan.

Jaguar have paid close attention to the details inside the cabin. The architecture reminds of the flagship Jaguar XJ and the materials used are first class. There’s plenty of space inside too, in fact the Jaguar XF has more interior space – especially in the back – than any of its competitors.

You’re cocooned in the cockpit thanks to the high window line, and while visibility isn’t class leading, the driving position leaves you feeling that you are at the wheel of something special.

There’s an update coming soon to the infotainment system, although the launch cars have everything you’d expect to see in 2016, and more. There’s a big central colour touch screen to access the navigation, audio, climate controls and settings. In the instrument cluster you can flick through a myriad of options and settings controlled via intuitive steering wheel mounted buttons.

The standard inclusions are generous, the option list though is as long as your arm. Personalisation is the order of the day and by ticking the right boxes, you can have an XF unlike any one else’s…you will need deep pockets though.

There’s plenty of tech packed in with full-LED headlights, a laser head-up display, autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with queue-assist, lane keep-assist, intelligent speed limiter and semi-automated parking.

A range of cracking four and six cylinder diesel and petrol engines are on offer.

The 177kw 2.0 litre turbo petrol model is likely to be the volume seller and it’s a great engine with the sweet spot highlighted by a brilliant 8-Speed ZF automatic gearbox that is standard across the range.

It’s hard to pick the best engine though, splitting the difference between the 280kw V6 petrol from the 3.0 litre diesel that thumps out a whopping 700Nm of torque is a tough ask.

2016 Jaguar XFBoth do their jobs brilliantly, but both come at it from different angles. The peaky V6 petrol loves to rev and will sprint to 100km in 5.3 seconds while the diesel is locomotive like with a deep down surge that comes on stronger and stronger the harder you press the right pedal.

Pricing for the new Jaguar XF range is on par with its German competitors;

  • XF Prestige 20d (132kW 2.0 Ingenium Diesel) $82,800
  • XF Portfolio 25t (177kW 2.0 Petrol) $97,800
  • XF Portfolio 35t (250kW V6SC Petrol) $112,800
  • XF R-Sport 20d (132kW 2.0 Ingenium Diesel) $88,800
  • XF R-Sport 25t (177kW 2.0 Petrol) $89,800
  • XF R-Sport 35t (250kW 3.0 V6SC Petrol) $104,800
  • XF S (221kW 3.0 V6 Diesel) $120,700
  • XF S (280kW 3.0 V6SC Petrol) $128,200

The new XF Jaguar is a highly entertaining car with a lot of character and really stands out from its clinical yet brilliant competitors from Germany.

It has all the attributes that make a great premium sedan, power, agility and luxury…but there’s more to the XF Jaguar, even if you’re not one of those cool groovy types, it’ll make you look like you are!

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